My sisters and I used to groan every Saturday before church. They were loud, audible ones meant for our parents to hear from their bedrooms.


We had the “typical” issue: not having a clue what to wear.


One side of ours closets were extremely dressy with “church clothes” and the other side were “school clothes.” We wanted more options, options that served more than one purpose. Plus, we were so over the whole dress to impress shebang. We wanted to slay, of course, but we wanted to do it our way. Not to say our styles weren’t our own — they were. We just wanted out of the shmancy dress culture.


Thrifting was a saving grace. Okay, I’m being dramatic. We’ve only been a few times. We were introduced a couple of years ago and the thrifting world welcomed us into the land of mixing modern quality and vintage. Skirts and blazers and jumpsuits galore.


Sunday’s best traditionally means going all out in your best suit or dress and fancy heels but I’m here to show you, thrifting is a viable option to take on an unique, fashion-forward look for church.  


I know you’ve been seeing “Thrift With Me + Try On” YouTube videos everywhere (so have I, girl.) As I was brainstorming some ideas for my YouTube channel, I thought of creating my own thrift haul but with a twist.


I figured, with the thrifting culture being so popular now, why not do one catered to the woman in church?


So here I am with a haul, a try on and thrifting tips for Christian girls.


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Thrifting Tips for Christian Girls

While in Georgia for a family wedding last month, I went thrifting for the first time in years. Of course, I filmed how to make church outfits from my favorite finds! You can check out the video on my YouTube channel but I also just wanted to share the tip portion here.  Here’s what to look for:


1. Color


I have always been drawn to bright pieces. That’s tip number one because I feel like once you get to the thrift store, you’ll find be drawn to an array of vibrant colors. It’s easy to find the bold pieces in the midst of the thrift store chaos because they stand out.


As you prepare for your thrift trip, just think: the brighter, the better. It’s brings an instant “wow factor” to your closet.


2. Prints


When I was in high school, I was a print queen! I would mix and match and have so much fun with it. My style has matured and it isn’t as funky, but I still do enjoy using prints as a starting point.


They effortlessly spice up your look.


3. Neutrals


The black, the browns, the beiges, the whites — neutrals are essential. They pair well with pretty much everything. 


I found a brown blazer on my last trip and fell in love! Blazers — period — are a plus! They’re great if your church is super conservative. Also, they dress up absolutely any look – church wear or not. That same blazer you wore to church Sunday could be the same blazer you wear to conquer your day at the office Monday.


4. Bottoms


Trousers, skirts — your choice.


Denim is a timely and classic piece. If you’re not sure what to look for, jackets, overalls, vintage mom jeans are always on hand. I found an epic denim skirt that you just have to see!


5. Designer

You’ll realize that the vintage designer pieces are right in your face. Keep digging!

Even if it means looking through the rack multiple times. The search is worth it once you’re holding an item you know no one else will have. One of a kind and fashion forward!


6. T-Shirts


If your style is more casual, styling t-shirts will be your obsession. You can pair a university t-shirt with jeans, blazer and heels. And when your feet are killing you–head to brunch with sneakers. It’s a fun and interesting way to take your look from day to night. I rarely wear t-shirts but I love how they look with a bright, high waisted skirt.


My sister, on the other-hand, wears them often and styles them with ease. Look at this.




Hope you enjoyed these thrifting tips! I may do another post that’s more in-depth but I first wanted to do a quick, informative one. For now, enter my thrift adventures for tips and a try-on, Christian girl edition!


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May 15, 2019

  1. Maya says:

    Hi! I just found this blog. I love fashion, but I feel like I never know how to style anything. Maybe you could do a video on that?

    p.s. I really appreciate that this is a Christian Fashion blog. I feel like I don’t see a lot of those.

    • Hi Maya, hope you’re well! Happy you discovered my blog. Thanks for the suggestion – do you have any recommendation of what you’d like me to style? Also, you can check out my fashion and faith videos here: 🙂

  2. Maya K says:

    Hey Tarah,
    Maybe a video about how to style dark colors (I have a lot of those) and/or how to maximize what you already have would cool. Thanks for the reply!

  3. Maya K says:

    Awesome thanks!

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