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3 Steps To Conquer Your Monday

November 12, 2018

This post is sponsored by Primark and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Adorned in Armor possible!


Who hates Monday’s? I used to despise it! 😩 Things have changed, though. I’m excited to share why my perspective shifted and three ways as to how you can transform your outlook, too! I see too many posts on my feed about how Monday is such an unfortunate day, so I figured it would be cool to write about how you can own it, instead of it running you!


I’m breaking it down into three easy steps in regards to mental, physical and spiritual!


Step #1: Train your mind.


“And remember…haaaaaave fun with it!!!” 😂 Please tell me you guys remember that episode of Jimmy Neutron where his dad would ram his head into the weirdest places to remind Jimmy and his friends to enjoy their every moment?!


I quote this line all the time because it just always stuck with me. I found it hilarious, for one. However, I also simply need the reminder. To conquer your Monday, you need reminders! You must remind yourself that you are in control of your fun. You have the power to dictate whether or not you will let whoever or whatever get to you. You can train your mind to see Monday as a fresh start or yet another day to slay.


Conquer your Monday with reminders! Remind yourself you are in control of your fun. You have the power to dictate whether or not you will let whoever or whatever get to you. You can train your mind to see Monday as a fresh start or yet another day to… Click To Tweet


I love taking a walk or making time to socialize. Try it! Or, set a reminder in your phone. Do whatever you have to do and tell yourself, “I am going to have a great day.”


It’s definitely a mindset thing. Shift the way you see Monday and you will experience it in a new way.


Step #2: Dress like a boss.


When you look good, you feel good. That saying is sooo true!


Want to know what gets me hype for a new week? New LEWKS. I have so much fun dressing up! Mixing prints, color-blocking, monochromatic looks. Ah! Needless to say, I was super happy attending College Fashion Week last month. College Fashion Week® is a premium fashion experience, highlighting the hottest fall trends and bringing together the most influential and stylish crowds in Boston and New York City for a night of fun, fashion and all that fun stuff!


My sister, Medge, and I owned the Primark booth with a casual school girl slay. A few days after, I went to the huge Primark launch party in Brooklyn and YOU GUYS. There were gift cards, DJs, cotton candy, fashion sketch artists, and all of the fashions!


I didn’t have much time to shop which made my job super hard because there were so many pieces I loved. One of the best parts would have to be the affordable prices. I got this checkered jacket and cute booties for about $50 total. Insane.


Whenever I dress up, I feel like I can conquer the world and Primark contributed to my dominion by providing these pieces!

You can conquer the world with a great outfit. Click To Tweet


Step #3: See with your spiritual lens.


My perspective about Monday completely changed when I came across this passage a few years back: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for human beings. Remember that the Lord will give you as a reward what he has kept for his people. For Christ is the real Master you serve.” (Colossians 3:23-24 GNB)


Whether you hate your job or not, we aren’t working for man! We’re working to please God. He has the ultimate rewards, benefits and ALL THAT. Put ya heart into it and get back to bidness! 😎


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