With love, Tarah-Lynn

I’ve taken an eager front seat as God works crazy miracles in my life and I am here to share it all – not just the glitz and glam but the hard stuff, too. I am confidently vulnerable, emboldened by love, and on a mission to get you to live purposefully and to believe again.

I’m a fierce and favored fashionista with a brilliant mind full of big dreams.

Hi, beautiful people! 
I'm Tarah-Lynn.

Through 100 biblical devotions, I reveal God’s heart for you as you wrestle with issues of identity, intimacy, pain, and perseverance. He’s been singling you out to write a love letter that will speak to your situation and soothe your soul. 

Love Letters
 from the King

Swipe out of social media and into Scripture with my new book,

Will you leave God’s messages on “read” or will you respond?


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Here’s your guide to royal confidence. It’s time we rule. 

Questioning your identity and worth ends here.

Tarah’s Picks:

Here’s to embracing how to walk in your authority, worth, and confidence as a daughter of the King and a warrior in His army. 

- confidently embrace God’s call (your purpose) 
- conquer battles with the full armor of God 
- fearlessly declare the good news through your lifestyle

Over at AIA, we dress up spiritually, mentally, physically, and fabulously! Through edifying resources, events, community, and serving you killer inspiration towards your audacious dreams, we’re dedicated to equipping you to: 

More Than a Blog—Adorned in Armor is your arsenal.

Warrior Women, Welcome Home

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binge-worthy blessings:

Dressed for Battle is a faith-filled podcast that will equip you with the weapons to fight your battles and dream BIG. Let’s get vulnerable about the struggles we’re experiencing now and fight this war together. Sis, you were made to win.

As you dress every morning, keep in mind it’s not just your body that needs adornment. your spirit needs it, too. 

Armor up, girl. Get Dressed for Battle.


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Adorned in Armor

As a former shy-girl turned speaker (gasp, I know), author and influencer—I know what it was like to overcome the struggle of holding back my voice. What I've come to realize is that the root of the issue is a lack of confidence in who God has called us to be. I want you to discover your royal authority and so here I am ready to empower you with scripture-based teaching, encouraging and interactive videos, bonuses, and prompts!

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with love, Tarah-Lynn

I'm Tarah-Lynn – a confidently vulnerable woman,  emboldened by love and on a mission to get you to live purposefully and to believe bigger. Call me your cheerleader; I look forward to encouraging you
 into victory! 

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