You wake up and you check Instagram. You’re on your way to work and you answer some text messages. You work from home and you stare at your computer screen all day. You watch your favorite show and you are live tweeting the whole time. And at the slow moments of the Netflix series you are binging, you scroll through social media.


Our eyes just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s working double duty and paying a hefty price from all that blue light.


As a fashion freelance writer and business owner, I spend ample amount of time on my computer. And now that I have books to write, that time has amplified. (If you missed it, I talk about how I landed a three book deal as a first time author here.)


While working on my first book, I would get splitting migraines. I started to feel pains in my body and fatigue and knew something had to be done. I tried hydrating. Didn’t work. Attempted to sleep more. Didn’t work.


Technology-Induced Migraines Are More Dangerous Than We Think:

At first, I didn’t equate my discomfort with my staring at a screen all day. I think we all underestimate the power of technology —  blue light is especially sneaky that way.


But the reason you’re constantly getting migraines, you’re always so tired and your eyes feel dry is all because of the blue light (light emitted from your phone, laptop or tv or any technological screen).


Blue light has the ability to mess up your sleeping pattern (guilty, over here) because it tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, when really it’s 3 am in the morning. (I say this as I write this post at 3 am!)


In the study researchers from the University of Toledo performed and published in the journal Scientific Reports, they found blue light can destroy particular cells in your eyes. Not only is that dangerous now, but it can potentially lead to blindness later on.


However, there are computer glasses that’ll get you through the day. No, it’ll get you through life!



Yes, you heard that right. Computer glasses are actually a thing.


Insert Pixel Eyewear.


I took quick break from my book writing and transferred my eyes to my iPhone to catch up on Instagram. Yeah, I know — some break! But it works out because it was there were I saw an influencer friend rave about computer glasses. I did some more research and discovered that, indeed, there are glasses that alleviate eye strain from screens!


Like, what?! They come up with everything these days. But you guys, it actually works.


I have perfect vision but I still wear these computer glasses every time I’m working. Why?


Pixel Eyewear protects your eyes with blue-light filtering glasses, working actively to reduce eyestrain and migraines. One aspect I love about my computer glasses is that it doesn’t have the ugly, yellow tint. And duh, I appreciate how my eyes and head no longer hurt, too! The biggest bonus is how chic they Pixel styles are (come on, I’m a fashion girl). I’m wearing the Thera Champagne Crystal frames — keeping me chic and clear minded. They offer several styles in prescription and non-prescription.


I’m all about giving you the right weapons to conquer your day so if you’re struggling with headaches and eyestrain, this is it.


Tricks to relieve eyestrain and migraines:

  1. Play around with the light settings of your device.
  2. Practice the 20/20/20 rule: give your eyes a short break after 20 minutes in front of a screen.
  3. Reduce brightness and keep a good distance between you and the screen.
  4. Get yourself some computer glasses from Pixel Eyewear with my code “ADORN”



Pixel Eyewear offered product in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Adorned in Armor possible!



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April 30, 2019

  1. Joyce says:

    Definitely need to get these!! I spend so much time on devices it’s crazy!

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