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How To Find Your Identity in Christ (The 3 In-Depth Tips You NEED!)


Do you believe there’s nothing special about you? That you’re just a regular person trying to get by in life? Would you believe me if I told you that you weren’t ordinary? That as God’s daughter, you receive a royal identity? 


You may have heard people mention to “find your identity in Christ,” but maybe you don’t even know what that means. Maybe you have no idea how to live it out because when you look in the mirror, the last thing you see is a queen. The last thing you feel is royal.


You feel broken and rejected. You feel hurt and confused. You feel like you’re just waiting to feel. 


Because the thing is, you misplaced your identity. You placed your value in whether or not a guy was pursuing you, how many likes you got, your looks, what you’re studying in school, your job, your home, your clothes, your achievements.


You placed your value in everywhere but the one place that would keep you rooted…in the one place that will never forsake you. The arms of God. 


1 Peter 2:9 says, “But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.”


Believe it or not, you are called to walk according to your royal identity as a daughter of God in your everyday life. Here are 3 life-changing steps to redefining your identity and placing it in Christ. 


To read more on how to find your identity in Christ, click “read more” and/or watch the video above for a more interactive experience!

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5 Dangers of an Identity Crisis


Living in today’s time, we are especially no stranger to the dangers and hostilities around us. Attacks are being made everywhere we look. We see hate at our doorsteps, we scroll past it on social media. We hear of disasters, devastation, and horrible crimes on the news. We are warned to look out for suspicious activity and to guard ourselves against hurts and disease. But it’s rare to hear that we need protection from ourselves. 


We can be our own worst enemies without even knowing it. We fall victim to our own minds when we don’t know our true identity. In case you didn’t know, there is a war going on for who we are.  


Maybe you define your identity based on your environment – where you’re living, where you go to school, where you work. Perhaps you define your identity by who you’re dating, whether or not you’re married or if you have kids. Or maybe you base your identity on your political party, your social groups, or your church. 


But if you had nothing, who would you be?



Hope is not lost if you answered that question with “no one” or “I don’t know.” If you’ve come across this article, it is possible that your true identity may have been compromised. It may be suppressed under layers of hurtful experiences, half-truths, spiritual damage, and false beliefs about who you think you are. My goal is to help you fully walk in your royal confidence by uncovering the dangers of a lacking identity. 

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7 Books To Boost Your Confidence and Faith


Experts say successful people are people who read! I’d like to add that the most successful people are those who nourish and edify themselves with sound doctrine. I’m one that gets excited when my friends (yeah, you!) are excelling and living their best lives with Christ at the forefront. And so, I thought I would bring to you seven of my favorite books that will grow your confidence and your faith. If you’re interested in learning more about nurturing kingdom confidence, check out my YouTube channel and previous blog posts for more help on your journey!



Alright, let’s begin with the seven books that will grow your confidence and your faith! For the full list, click “read more” and/or watch the video above for my book reviews, additional excerpt readings, and favorite quotes!

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You May Have Gotten Confidence All Wrong


There’s a chance you’ve gotten confidence all wrong, sis.


Is your past holding you back? Are you so over comparing yourself to every girl? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look in the mirror and admire what you saw? Do you wish you could post a photo online and not freak out about how many likes you didn’t get? What about this…ever thought about what it would be like to enter the room (or Zoom call lol) and not be afraid to speak up?


Every single person has once experienced a form of insecurity but not everyone experiences freedom. The answer to such a wide-spread struggle is one that is extremely underrated and overlooked. Whether you’ve been struggling with a lack of confidence for years, it’s a new struggle, or you feel like you’re the most confident person in the world, here is the surefire way to love yourself in the best way possible.


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How to Accept Christ & Begin Living with Confidence

The subject matter of today’s post will change your life forever. In fact, it will guarantee that you will live again.


The truth is: this earth is not our home. It’s only a morsel of what we can experience in fullness. This life we live determines where we end up: heaven or hell. We won’t enter into heaven solely by the good we’ve done but by accepting and living in the love of our Good Father.


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I was a Christian Because I Was Afraid of the Rapture…& Hell (Fear-Based Faith is Not True Relationship)


How is God good if He’s waiting to punish me? I never felt like I had a testimony but after preparing for a new confidence series I’m launching across all platforms, I realized that I lived most of my life on the basis of this question. I had a distorted view of the goodness of God; I didn’t feel His love. I knew He was a loving Father but I didn’t experience it. It was easier to view God as an unruly King sitting on His throne just waiting on the perfect opportunity to judge me. And so when I had a nightmare about Jesus returning and leaving me behind many years ago, that certainly didn’t help! Before I began to see God for who He truly was, I had extreme fear and anxiety about the rapture and being left behind. That fear was in me since I was a kid!


Christians don’t often talk about this but I’m willing to share because I know this will free somebody! You’re not alone if you wonder why you can’t seem to love God or serve Him the “right” way. I’ll be sharing my salvation story – how I went from seeing God as the punisher to the one who wants my heart. I’ll also be sharing my rapture dream and the film series that scarred me for life (lol). We’ll discuss how fear-based faith is not a true relationship and why Christians should not use fear tactics…ever.


Begin your spiritual journey to true confidence right here! I went from someone who was afraid of the rapture to someone who serves God because of the desire of wanting to love Him more and more. I pray this encourages you, reassures you, and changes your view of God’s goodness, His love, and relentless pursuit of your heart.


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The Best Way to Stand Firm in Your Faith: Quiet Time with God


Is it genuine faith if you are not tested?


Every believer struggles in their faith walk at one point or the other. So no, you are not alone. However, it is up to you and only you to make the decision of whether or not you will remain rooted.


Do not be alarmed if you have found yourself in a place where you’ve lost people or places you’ve relied on. Perhaps this is a season where God just wants it to be you and Him. From Abraham to Moses to David, we see the commonality between true champions of the Christian faith. In order to stand firm in our faith, we must be spending time alone with God. The more we seek Him, the more we will see His hand in every single one of our circumstances.


Quiet time with God looks different for everyone but essentially, it’s going to a secluded place in order to hear God clearer or rest in His presence. It’s being intentional with your relationship with our Father and King.



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Update!!! Sorry for the Inconvenience.


Many of you have reached out to let me know you’ve been having technical difficulties with my website–thanks for letting me know! Please bear with me as I figure out what’s causing the disruption. I man my website myself and learn as I go. Thank you so much for your patience and for your interest in my content!


For now, if you’d like to access the Claim Your Crown book, click here.

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For access to a specific freebie, please email me or DM me on Instagram and I will personally send you the resource.


Thanks again and God bless!

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Scripture-Based Affirmations To Amplify Your Voice (Speak With Confidence)


As a former shy-girl turned speaker (gasp, I know!), author and influencer – I know what it was like to overcome the struggle of holding back my voice. What I’ve come to realize is that the root of the issue is a lack of confidence in who God has called us to be. I want you to discover your royal authority and so here I am ready to empower you with scripture-based teaching, encouraging and interactive videos, bonuses, and prompts!

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Is Speaking in Tongues Fake? 15 Truths You NEED To Know!


Have you ever sat during a church service where you were listening to your pastor and then all of a sudden, you hear a congregant scream in an unrecognizable language, shake and then faint? Your eyes either widened or rolled as you thought, “that is so fake.”


Same, sis.


Well, actually…sometimes I thought, “that is so scary.” I always believed in the gift of speaking in tongues but I was wary of it. I knew there were people that experienced it for real and I knew there were fakes. I didn’t grow up in a church where “speaking in tongues” was prominent.


Speaking in tongues is a controversial topic even in the church — it’s often we either scoff, joke, or know little to nothing about it. But in today’s video (and post), you will learn what the Bible teaches about this gift of tongues, as well as, my mind-blowing testimony about how it happened to me! Everyone’s experience is different so I’m so excited to share my story and the 15+ truths we discussed that will forever change how you view The Holy Spirit and prayer! 


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