My parents didn’t want me pursuing fashion. They had nothing against it. In fact, they are very much into dressing up and styling classic designer pieces. However, they are Carribean…which means: the best profession for their child is in the sphere of medicine or law. You know, something stable. Something safe.


I completely understood. However, there was no way a right-brainer like me would or could ever land in those professions.


They understood this, too.


Ever since I was a little girl, I was creating. From writing poems and short stories to skipping recess for cross-stitching and sketching my imaginary clothing line. Creating my own looks, however, was my favorite past-time. I was an extremely shy child and I quickly found that my personal style did the talking for me. My mother always taught me to dress modestly and I took it as a fun challenge to create combinations that made me stand out amongst my peers.


My journey to discovering my role in fashion wasn’t at all horrendous — though my parents were wary, they were always supportive even when I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I would do. I never felt like I had to prove myself but God took it upon Himself to show out distinctively in my freshman year of college.


When I began landing internships at top fashion magazines and became the only American finalist as The Best International Fashion Blog in 2013 Cosmopolitan UK Blog Awards, my parents were able to see all God can do through something that can easily be seen as vain. On the outside, it was my fashion sense that got the attention of the world but spiritually, it’s Christ in me.


I currently cover inspiring stories of young women in fashion over at Teen Vogue. However, majority of the time, I am collaborating with top fashion and beauty brands and still, sharing the love of God through my own brand.


One of the main reasons I created Adorned in Armor is to equip women to conquer life obstacles in style. I did it to showcase you can love God and still look good!

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I’m well aware there are varying standards of modesty but one thing we can all agree on is this: modest clothing doesn’t have to mean frumpy. I may not call myself a modest fashion blogger but I am strong advocate for making a statement without compromising who you are. I’ve come up with five easy tips for you to do so, too!


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Want to know how to dress modest with style? Are you ready to be dress modest but cute?

I shared my most easiest tips over on a guest post on Rock Solid Faith. These tricks include thrifting, coloring and so much more! You don’t want to miss it.


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June 13, 2019

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