There’s a chance you’ve gotten confidence all wrong, sis.


Is your past holding you back? Are you so over comparing yourself to every girl? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look in the mirror and admire what you saw? Do you wish you could post a photo online and not freak out about how many likes you didn’t get? What about this…ever thought about what it would be like to enter the room (or Zoom call lol) and not be afraid to speak up?


Every single person has once experienced a form of insecurity but not everyone experiences freedom. The answer to such a wide-spread struggle is one that is extremely underrated and overlooked. Whether you’ve been struggling with a lack of confidence for years, it’s a new struggle, or you feel like you’re the most confident person in the world, here is the surefire way to love yourself in the best way possible.


The cure to any “confidence” issue is Christ.


Okay, just wait a sec! Don’t click out of this tab! Pause that pointer of yours and please consider this:


When you learn to see yourself in the eyes of Christ, you learn to let go of everything that blinded you to your beauty. And I’m not just talking about physical things.


Self-confidence isn’t a bad thing but it’s reliant on…well, self. And you and I both know how hard and relentless we can be in our own minds! Human beings can be rather fickle. However, when we base our true self-worth through our Heavenly Creator (some call this “Godfidence”), we tap into some pretty powerful lenses to live out our lives.


Still don’t believe me? Check out the comment that reinforced this.



I recently received a comment under a YouTube video that reminded me of how important it is to weigh God’s view much heavier than our own.


I love how Hannah pointed out her hang-ups with perfection. It’s one thing to try to convince yourself you’re perfect all on your own with all or your mistakes constantly replaying in your mind. But when you put God in the mix, you can realize that yes, you are perfect but it is because He purifies and perfects us from the inside out. 


So then, how can you go about seeing yourself through God’s eyes?


  • #1: Begin with learning what God says about you.


What if I told you that the Bible is the best book we could ever read?


God speaks to us through so many ways but He has primarily given us the ultimate guide book to get us through this life. He communicates through scripture and if we open it up and are open to conversation, His Word will seep into our entire being. 


If you read it, you’ll learn things like…


You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And God is pleased with you! (Psalm 139:14) That you are not only chosen, but you are royalty!


I believe Biblical affirmations trump worldly affirmations any day. And like the commenter Hannah, I believe that you can find beauty in your brokenness when you rely on God to put you back together. 


Sign up for 25 biblical affirmations to build your confidence here. Allow these scripture-based affirmations to wash over you here.



  • #2: Start saying “that’s a lie” out loud.


Everyone detests being lied to. And yet oftentimes, we listen to and even embrace the lies of Satan. The Bible calls Satan “the father of all lies” but thank God, you have the opportunity to experience the truth! 


When you know what God says about you, you are able to discern what is His voice and what is the voice of the enemy. Sometimes, you won’t hear a dark, sinister voice speaking evil things into your mind. Sometimes, the enemy will sound like you! That’s why it’s important to know what God’s messages sound like and what Satan’s schemes sound like. 


If we truly want to see ourselves through God’s eyes, we will know what He says about us and use that knowledge to efficiently rebuke the lies of Satan!


There is power in your voice so don’t just fight back in your head. Call the devil out! We mustn’t ever accept anything that dares leave his mouth. 



  • #3: Claim God’s promises over your life


Did you know that the devil knows the Bible fully well?


In Matthew 4:1-11, we learn that Satan twisted God’s Word and attempted to use it against Jesus. He told Jesus, “if you are the son of God,” do this and do that. He showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, telling him that Jesus could have it all if he would only bow down. 


The Son of God passed the test. He not only knew the Word, but He had also already known He came to fulfill the promise. He was well aware of the mission God called Him to. He knew that in prevailing over the enemy and conquering death, we would receive the opportunity of eternal life. He knew He had nothing to prove to Satan and instead, focused on furthering the Kingdom of God on heaven and earth. 


The enemy will tempt you. He will also say to you, “if you are the daughter of God,” then do this and do that. But God has promised us, his children, a great inheritance. It is one we will obtain if we overcome temptations and other life obstacles with the Word of God. 


Angels can come and minister to us when we look at our circumstances and still, claim the promises of God for ourselves.

Don’t you want to see yourself the way our Creator made you?


In my book, Claim Your Crown, I write, 


God rejoices over you, gazing at you in love. A Van Gogh, He would paint the very same brushstrokes to make you just as you are, over and over again. He made no mistake the first time.


And it is true. He loves you and He desires for you to love yourself in the best way possible. 


Sis, gone are the days when you struggled to lift your head up. The confidence booster we all need is Christ. When we know what God says about us, rebuke lies from the enemy, and claim God’s promises over our lives, we will experience true freedom. We will begin to see ourselves the way God intended.


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September 17, 2020

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