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50+ Songs About God’s Love – The Ultimate Playlist!


Recently, as I was scrolling on Instagram, I came across a preview to an official music video posted by Grammy-nominated Christian artist, Jamie Grace. She invited her followers to check out her official music video for “Bella” which shared her beautiful journey from marriage to giving birth to her daughter. 


Of course, I had to watch!


Asides from the screaming and changing diapers, I’m a complete sap when it comes to babies — particularly, baby girls. (They’re so fun to dress up, don’t you think?)


The sweet song slips into different languages and serenely captures how God calls us each His own. As I watched the new parents coo over their precious bundle of joy, I caught a sneak peek of what our Heavenly Father must feel as He holds us in His arms.


I couldn’t help but think of how God gushes over us, and sings to us a new song.

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Every Digital Creative Needs These Trendy Computer Glasses


You wake up and you check Instagram. You’re on your way to work and you answer some text messages. You work from home and you stare at your computer screen all day. You watch your favorite show and you are live tweeting the whole time. And at the slow moments of the Netflix series you are binging, you scroll through social media.


Our eyes just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s working double duty and paying a hefty price from all that blue light.


As a fashion freelance writer and business owner, I spend ample amount of time on my computer. And now that I have books to write, that time has amplified. (If you missed it, I talk about how I landed a three book deal as a first time author here.)


While working on my first book, I would get splitting migraines. I started to feel pains in my body and fatigue and knew something had to be done. I tried hydrating. Didn’t work. Attempted to sleep more. Didn’t work.

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IMAGINE: My Word of The Year | Having Faith to Dream Bigger

Years ago, my mom ripped out an article from Charisma magazine and handed it to me for my journey back to campus. The writer, Jamie Buckingham, said, “We must dream so big that without the support that comes through favor with God and man, we could never accomplish what is in our hearts.”


That piece of paper has probably been long disposed of, but I recently came across the quote in an old blog post. I find it fitting, especially because “imagine” is my word of 2019.

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Beauty Guide: The Best Ulta Holiday Gift Sets 2018

Hi, beautiful people!


I was invited to the ULTA Beauty Holiday 2018 Press Party and left with a SUITCASE and BAGS full of beauty products!!! So perf for stocking stuffing and gifting ranging from $10-$150. You’ll find all the goods linked below in this funny vid with my sister — you don’t want to miss it!


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3 Steps To Conquer Your Monday

This post is sponsored by Primark and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Adorned in Armor possible!


Who hates Monday’s? I used to despise it! ? Things have changed, though. I’m excited to share why my perspective shifted and three ways as to how you can transform your outlook, too! I see too many posts on my feed about how Monday is such an unfortunate day, so I figured it would be cool to write about how you can own it, instead of it running you!


I’m breaking it down into three easy steps in regards to mental, physical and spiritual!

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12 Christian Influencers You NEED To Be Following

I’ve recently come across a fabulous group of Jesus-lovin bloggers and wanted to share with you all! It’s been awesome seeing their inspiration up and down my feed and I just know they will be a blessing to yours. I’ll be doing an even bigger roundup with all of my Christian influencer friends so stay tuned!

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God Cares About the Desires of Your Heart (Your Dreams Matter to God)

It’s been a dream of mine to go to California. Who doesn’t want to go there, right?

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Adorn My Prom with Miss Black New Jersey – Prom Makeover

Every woman deserves to be treated like royalty! Needless to say, I was ecstatic creating my first EVER competition, #AdornMyProm. Writing and empowering women to know their worth means a lot to me so it was important that the competition spoke to that. The seniors from my hometown wrote an essay about “What It Means To Be a Queen” and how they uplift the women around them for an opportunity for total queen treatment! Hair, makeup, nails and photography FREE.

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Behind The Scenes with Miss Black New Jersey [Pageant Promo Video]


Hi, everyone! We’re about two months away from the national pageant in Washington, DC. It’s been so fun taking you all long on the journey of #TARAHTAKESHEART. I’m especially grateful for your support! I am still accepting donations as I take over Jersey with Stroke Awareness and inspiring young women!

Now, you can join in on the mission too by donating $5. If you can’t give, I’d appreciate you sharing and following along @adornedinarmor. Thank you!

CashApp: $TarahSaint
Venmo: TarahSaint
Go Fund Me: Tarah Takes Heart

Many thanks to my awesome team of sponsors:
@Innerbeautyoutel: SUBSCRIBE, she’s an awesome beauty artist!
– @itsmisswu: her hands will bless your hair!
– @dexterityproductions: he made this amazing video!
– Allure by Lucille and Nail Rehab and Spa

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Be Proud of Where You Are

You may always see me on the move but for a little while, I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. The feeling comes back here and there.

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