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Is Speaking in Tongues Fake? 15 Truths You NEED To Know!

July 31, 2020


Have you ever sat during a church service where you were listening to your pastor and then all of a sudden, you hear a congregant scream in an unrecognizable language, shake and then faint? Your eyes either widened or rolled as you thought, “that is so fake.”


Same, sis.


Well, actually…sometimes I thought, “that is so scary.” I always believed in the gift of speaking in tongues but I was wary of it. I knew there were people that experienced it for real and I knew there were fakes. I didn’t grow up in a church where “speaking in tongues” was prominent.


Speaking in tongues is a controversial topic even in the church — it’s often we either scoff, joke, or know little to nothing about it. But in today’s video (and post), you will learn what the Bible teaches about this gift of tongues, as well as, my mind-blowing testimony about how it happened to me! Everyone’s experience is different so I’m so excited to share my story and the 15+ truths we discussed that will forever change how you view The Holy Spirit and prayer! 



What is Speaking in Tongues?


It may sound like “gibberish” to many but the gift of tongues is actually when The Holy Spirit empowers you to share the gospel in another known dialect without you having previous knowledge of this language. In my testimony video, I reference speaking Zulu though I have never learned it! 


But don’t take my word for it, Acts 2 tells us:


On the day of Pentecost, all the believers were meeting together in one place. Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.


In the chapter, we discover that people thought those who were speaking in tongues were drunk!


I’ve also learned speaking in tongues can also be a way to communicate and/or pray in an unknown language, sometimes known as a heavenly language (1 Corinthians 14:1–2).


Growing up, I thought that anyone who was speaking in tongues faked it unless there was an interpreter. One who speaks a word of prophecy strengthens the entire church, yes. However, it turns out that the person who speaks in tongues is strengthened personally (1 Cor. 14:4).


How Did I Begin Praying in Tongues?


It all began during a quarantine Bible study! 


That night, the group got into the conversation about speaking in tongues. I confessed I never experienced speaking in tongues and was interested to hear everyone’s story. One member shared that the manifestation of the gift occurred after she watched a “how-to” video. 


I was bewildered! I never heard of someone watching a YouTube video to learn how to do something so spiritual. 


She shared the video during our study and everyone muted themselves. I tried to follow the speaker but got tongue-tied. My feet began to tingle but honestly, I thought I was cold! Everyone was convinced it was the Holy Spirit and got excited that something was happening.


After getting off of our Zoom video chat, I spoke to my best friend and told her I was going to try to “learn” again. So I watched videos and I discovered more about what the Holy Spirit enables us to do. I learned about how we can get in our own way. And that night, I told God, “I won’t leave this place until you give my prayer language to me.” 


And He did! 


I’m a very logical person and had to fight my mind throughout most of the process. I didn’t want to believe it was God. I thought what I was doing was counterfeit until The Holy Spirit hit me so hard and I fell to my knees. I couldn’t doubt it anymore. I was speaking in tongues!


Prior to the gift being manifested, I didn’t have a strong desire for it and I wondered why God would give it to me after one night of pressing when so many people have begged for years. 


God wanted me to share this message with those who are struggling to believe they are a part of God’s family: The Holy Spirit doesn’t discriminate! God loves you! You have received the gift of the Holy Spirit once you accepted Christ; the manifestation of the gift will come.


You have received the gift of the Holy Spirit once you accepted Christ; the manifestation of the gift will come. Click To Tweet


If you would like to hear my full testimony, check out the video below! And if you’re an extremely logical person like me, then you definitely have to watch!  



Here’s the truth about speaking in tongues:

Here’s the truth about speaking in tongues. Click To Tweet


Truth 1: Speaking in tongues is a personal gift that has the power to encourage and edify others and yourself!


Truth 2: It’s a gift that God gives freely.


Truth 3: The enemy will try to dissuade you from any progress you make in the Lord.


Truth 4: Press into God’s presence for the manifestation of the gift.


Truth 5: If you spoke in tongues once, believe it will happen again.


Truth 6: Atmospheres and fellowship help. 


Truth 7: Speaking in tongues is a weapon against the kingdom of darkness. 


Truth 8: You must exercise that gift!


Truth 9: Spiritual muscles take time to build. 


Truth 10: Speaking in tongues will change the way you express yourself. 


Truth 11: Speaking in tongues is the perfect prayer and the devil doesn’t understand the language!


Truth 12: Speaking in tongues gives you more authority, confidence, and even knowledge to what’s unknown.


Truth 13: Yielding to the Holy Spirit comes easier when you fast.


Truth 14: Everyone’s experience is different! I’m believing in the manifestation of the gift for you!


Truth 15: Speaking in tongues connects you to God on a different level.


Again, you are not any less of a Christian if you do not speak or pray in tongues. Once you were saved, you were gifted with the Holy Spirit! This video is a testament to how God gives the BEST gifts and how we can effectively use them for His Kingdom. Please share and let’s dispel the misconceptions about the gift of the Holy Spirit together! 

Let’s dispel the misconceptions about the gift of the Holy Spirit together! Click To Tweet




Here are the resources about speaking in tongues that I mentioned in my testimony:

  • Click here for the video Candace showed during our last session (the one that had me tingling lol) 
  • This is a “How To Pray in Tongues” video I watched on my own. It’ll help you break through 4 common obstacles to flowing in the gift of Speaking in Tongues.
  • “Hearing & Knowing God’s Voice” Part 1
  • Here’s the video I played in the background when I prayed.
  • And finally, here’s another video I watched during my “research” period: How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit With The Evidence Of Speaking In Tongues.



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