On February 4th, 2020, my very first book, Claim Your Crown, was born! (Seriously, I feel like I need a birth certificate or something.) 


A few months leading to the release, I experienced many “setbacks” and woke up with severe stomach aches but I realized these were actually birthing pains – the spiritual kind. I carried Claim Your Crown for almost a year and now, God has called me to push.⁣


So, I pushed. 


Claim Your Crown is the first release of my three book deal I signed with Baker Publishing in 2018. It’s your royal guide that’s encouraging and equipping you to walk with confidence and worth as a daughter of the Most High King! God wants us to live out our lives with total authority as heiresses of His Kingdom and it excites me to share how.


This book is available at all major book retailers but if you’d like more background, check out my landing page and check out my crazy testimony!


I am so grateful to God for having the opportunity to celebrate this new beginning. My first ever book signing was such a huge success! My heart smiled seeing the room filled with beautiful kings, queens and little princesses ready to celebrate with me. I am so grateful for the Christian brands and venue sponsors. I am so grateful for my friends and family who were the most supportive team!⁣ 


The book signing made things real for me but God has not stopped blowing my mind.


My team at Baker Publishing condensed my book into a 7 day devotional on the YouVersion Bible app and not only that, it’s been featured on the home page with over 25,000 completions in a month! It’s best to do the plan alongside the #ClaimYourCrownbook so invite some friends and let’s begin our journey to Kingdom living together.


Oh, but God didn’t stop there, though!


A few weeks ago, I flew out to Texas for an interview with Jamie Ivey on the Happy Hour Podcast and most recently, I had three interviews with CBN. It was such an unbelievable experience going LIVE with The 700 Club – I remember the show playing while I was a little girl as I prepared for church with my family. 


God is doing so much and I’m believing in more! I look forward to seeing God’s daughters walk in all of the authority, confidence and WORTH like the Royals they are! ⁣


I can’t wait for you guys to see the photos from the party! Special thank you to my photography team (@leesiphotography @laurelcreative @bycarline⁣⁣) for capturing the most BEAUTIFUL moments. Click here for the photos!


Thank you to the Christian brands who provided some awesome prizes for my guests! @modern.word @horacioprinting @elevatedfaith and @vibellajewelry.⁣


Thank you to my Revell Books team for working with me to create the amazing graphics and prints!


And thank YOU guys! This has been like a huge virtual party and I’m grateful ? Let’s keep the party going! If you’d like to know of ways you can claim your crown with me, check out this post. I’m so excited to do life with you! Tag me and use the hashtags #claimyourcrown and #claimyourcrownbook so I can repost your journeys!


March 8, 2020

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