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God recently pressed it on my heart to speak on a topic we often run away from… repentance! *cues scary music* lol. In this video, I’m joined by my best friend, Malissa Hanson, and we have a loving conversation about what it means to turn away from sin and into the arms of God.


This chat about repentance is for you if…

  • you struggle with seeing God as a loving Father,
  • if you keep beating yourself up about “messing up…again,”
  • if you feel like you’re not good enough and if you need HOPE!


Basically, it’s for everyone (no one is perfect and everyone is needed of repentance)!


God wants His daughters to claim their crowns! The first step is by accepting Christ and turning away from your sins. I share more about the love God has for us in my new book, here! Don’t ever forget you are royalty. 


April 21, 2020

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