Nautical, navy — whatevs! You catch my drift. Omg, get it…drift?! Banana Republic sent me this beautiful dress and blazer and I got the sailor “vibe.” I was trying to think of something creative for the title of this post (you know how I do). But got any ideas?


Wait, actually. As I wrote that initial paragraph, I just figured out what I’ll be writing about! Going with the motions. (Think waves and all that ocean deep stuff.)






But first, let’s talk outfit deets. I already mentioned that the articles of clothing I have on are from Banana Republic! Got these bad boys out the packaging and said, “ooooh.”

The details of the dress made me feel like a chiffon wearing princess on a cruise ship. Getting the nautical visual yet? The fabric was light but with structure. It looked really pretty when the wind caught it. Those photos didn’t make it to the site though because they were just…no. Haha






As for the blazer — I haven’t worn one in a while but I was drawn to it for it’s color and those brassy gold buttons. This item is what brought the idea of nautical to mind. Do you see those gold accents?! Love. Plus, the blazer was also thick which was perfect for wear, seeing how spring still doesn’t really want to show up yet.






It’s crazy how inspiration can strike even through what you wear huh? I seriously didn’t know what I was going to talk about.  Thought I’d have to whip something out thin air and make the post more based off of what I got, where, and what I liked about it. So shout out to Banana Republic for the inspo!


So you all know I’m graduating Friday (yay). And if you know me personally, you know that I am a very ‘lax girl. Like although I’m always working, I’m always chilling — if that makes any sense. The way I talk even, it’s Like California in a way lol.


But back to graduation.


It’s fast approaching and at one point, I found myself…unexcited. No, not because of fear of the future. I’m honestly not worried about that. It’s because of my “collected” and “chill” attitude. As much as I can make things happen, I’m also one to go with the flow.


It’s prevalent in my friendships (my friends’ needs are to be catered to first), my relationship (I don’t like getting my hopes up for anything) and just life (I rather wait to be in the moment than anticipate the moment.)


I’m not saying these are all negative things, but they can be.


Know what things are worth fighting for, yes. That’s me all the way. But also be conscious of the happenings around you. I’ve been catching myself and I have been getting myself hype. Like GIRL, if you don’t celebrate! The moments before, during, and after graduation are major blessings so bask in it and enjoy.


Same goes for you, girl!


When you catch yourself going through the motions (no matter the situation), find a way to snap out of it and steer your boat (or attitude) in a new direction. The shift may not be smooth sailing, but it calls for a better view.


* Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own, though!*


May 10, 2016

  1. Psyche says:

    That blazer, with those brassy gold buttons, is especially nice! #BLMGirl

  2. […] extremely excited to team up with Banana Republic yet again (catch my other looks here, here and here) to show you how I style my favorite pieces from their new fall/winter […]

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