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Do Your Best | Feat. Banana Republic

November 30, 2016

Hey beauties and gents,


I’m extremely excited to team up with Banana Republic yet again (catch my other looks here, here and here) to show you how I style my favorite pieces from their new fall/winter collection!

I’ve been eying oversized vests and dusters for quite some time now and even got a couple for my birthday but I was still bubbling over with anticipation over this baby! Why? I love the color, I’m a sucker for tailored items and quite frankly, I thought of Kanye’s “do you see this coat” moment when I saw it! It’s thick as heck and I’m thrilled because I can wear it as a coat. If you can’t tell, I am currently obsessing over finding the perfect one for winter. Send. Help.


I was drawn to this fur clutch immediately. I scanned the accessories section and out of all the goods, I was completely blown away by this design. I love how the smooth, fur material has dark undertones and how one side is black leather. If you’ve been around with me for some time now, you’d know that I am all about mixing textures!




Needless to say, I was waiting on the mailman with my package by the door. I’m kidding haha (maybe). But seriously, I couldn’t wait to show you guys!


There’s always that one thing, though…


Unfortunately, things kept coming up whenever I attempted to shoot this look. The weather. Insane retail schedules. Travel. Finally, my Godsend photog and friend and I found a time that worked! However, we only had 5 minutes to shoot before I had to head to my job.


You read right. 5 minutes!


Afterwards, I quickly looked at the photos and were impressed. Until I noticed that my shoe strap and tweed cardigan choose those very moments to have a mind of their own! My strap, in particular, was looking discombobulated and my cardigan made me look like I had a hunch back LOL.


I could’ve been bummed because I didn’t get all the shots I wanted, but I wasn’t because I got all that I needed! The old me would’ve huffed and puffed a little because I didn’t look put together. But the new me didn’t allow that. You see, I’m getting over my perfectionism. I sometimes struggle with posting a photo I don’t deem “perfect” but lately, I’m just like “You know what?! Post it!”


Plus, I have a deadline. Hey, Banana Republic!


Do Your Best, Do Your Best, DO YOUR BEST


Whatever you need to make happen,  just do it! Use the time that you do have  to make things work for yourself. And after you accomplish that task, don’t beat yourself up about it. You can’t control everything.


There’s always that one thing that you may view as a hinderance to your end goal but in the greater scheme of things, it’s not. Be proud of your work, be proud of yourself.

Be proud of your work, be proud of yourself. Click To Tweet


Yes, take yourself seriously. But not too seriously. You’re doing your best!










Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Banana Republic but you know all words are my own! Thanks for supporting Adorned in Armor!



  1. Melody Rosa

    November 30, 2016 at 2:23 pm Reply

    You know you’re a professional when you knock out a photo shoot in 5 min


      November 30, 2016 at 2:24 pm Reply

      Hahaha thanks Melody! That’s def a good point a view 😉

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