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Lip Liner: The Secret to Wearing Any Lip Color You Want

May 8, 2017

Want to know the best lipstick for your skin tone? Any and every shade. Don’t ever feel as if you can’t wear what lighter tones can just because you have a deeper pigment. All you need is confidence and some good old lip liner. They solve all things!


Your Lips, Your Rules

I typically stay with the nudes and soft pink tones but for special events, I’ll throw on a red or bright coral lip and follow along with the corresponding lip liner. I never allowed the “rules” of what certain complexions should wear get to me because well, they are not me. They are not you.



You rock what you want, how you want. The best way to complete your look is with the perfect lipliner. I didn’t start using lip liner until a few years ago when I began experimenting with bolder shades. I saw such huge difference! As of late, I’ve been using the new Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner.


Why Lip Liner?

Lip liner gives the illusion of plumper lips while shaping them. It can help your lipstick last longer and it can also help you glide on lipstick easier. Think of lip liner as color pencils and consider lipsticks as big, fat crayons. The liner is used so you can stay within the line and create a masterpiece — which you are 😉


When wearing a light or bright shade, the secret is to not match the lipliner. You have to go a bit deeper! So, if you want to wear Maybelline’s Born With It, match it up with Rich Wine. Or if you want to wear Berry Bossy, line it up with Plum Passion.




I love Maybelline’s new collection of lip liners for their huge variety.  Whether you want to go soft and feminine or sultry and boss, there’s something for every look! I actually shot photos and videos of myself trying on the shades and the liner but my new camera decided it didn’t want to connect to my laptop or it’s charger, so there’s that. Trust me though, whatever your skin tone, you can wear it and wear it well!




I’m a huge advocate of doing what makes you feel most beautiful. So if you want to wear whatever color you want on your lips, do it and own it. Just…line those lips, girl!


“This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own.”


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  1. Melody Rosa

    May 8, 2017 at 2:46 pm Reply

    Love your flatlays and great tips


      May 8, 2017 at 2:52 pm Reply

      You ALWAYS show, love! Thank you, girl!

  2. Berrz

    May 8, 2017 at 3:43 pm Reply

    Great post and I didn’t start using lip liners until a few years ago either! They are definitely worth the extra step in your makeup routine!
    – Berrz |

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