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3 Reasons Why Change is Necessary to Reach Your Goals

May 10, 2017

Hey Adorners, Medge here! I am excited to announce that I am finally free of the shackles of school…at least until next semester. Anyway, I am about to be a senior in college (inserts Rachel Dolezal pack of gray hair)! Inwardly, I’m freaking out but this too shall pass, right? Hehehe.


I really do hate change, though. I squirm and try to avoid special moments from ending, whether it be sales at Urban Outfitters or a huge milestone like graduation. I know I have to get ready for the acceptance journey I will take in a couple of months.


This past weekend, I went on an obstacle course that had me reevaluating every decision I’ve ever made. I was shook. Could standing on a thin wire over 30 ft from the ground be the perfect place to reflect on my life? No. But, I did it anyway.


I watched friends skip across, I watched others give up completely and was tempted to do the same y’all. I could easily say, “Here’s the lesson guys: watch your own course, everyone is on a different path” but I think we know by now that this my motto!


So, let’s go back to the scene. I’m on a wire, hundreds of feet in the air; wondering if I’ve fulfilled my life’s purpose. Three years ago, I did a similar course that was actually harder and felt invincible. I wanted to be fearless and I decided to be just that. Each wire and rope was a breeze. I was on top of the world, my guard was down; I was happy.


Yet, I stood there three years later, tense, anxious, and lacking confidence in myself but cheering everyone else on.  As my legs wobbled, I was fifteen years into the future wondering if I would become a cat lady when of the guide’s asked me “What are you waiting for?” I snapped back to reality like Raven Accent Mark Symone.


The moment I dropped my guard down at the obstacle course and allowed myself to just be, the moment I realized that newly learned repetition was necessary for conquering, was the moment I was able to be happy. Not the girl, frazzled and forgetful, the girl running on zero hours of sleep–I felt like myself. I simply had to let go of the control.


Growing up, I loved being in control and making sure I knew it all. There was no surprising me. This trait is what led me to freak when I was suspended in the air. It was just me, God and a thin wire.


Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that we have to get things done on our own accord, like we are in the race alone. When that doesn’t work, we deflect. Rather than getting things done, those things are then transferred onto the back-burner.


The Time for Change is Now

Change is necessary for reaching your goals for 3 reasons I’ll soon share. We put off goals based off weather, the opinion others, fear of another ‘no’, etc. We hibernate in winter and beat ourselves up all spring for the “perfect summer body” and instead of treating ourselves to ice cream for a job well done, we’re stuck chomping on a leaf because nothing was accomplished.



  1. It all comes down to consistency, self-control and making sure you have someone accountable for you besides yourself. If you really want to lose weight or build a portfolio or business–the only way to do so is to go for it. Change can be something as simple as taking a break from social media (this should be easy but I know we’re hooked lol).


No More Excuses

I have been making so many excuses for awhile now on why I don’t have what I want and I am exhausted with myself! Consistency can be difficult but change is necessary for it. We have to keep reminding ourselves that the finish line will be completely worth it.


2. The more we push back what we seek to accomplish, the more we miss another shot at being happy. You have to let that sense of peace in loving yourself and the person you are working to be, fill you with joy. Learn what you’re bad habits are. Self-destructive behavior bears no good fruit–procrastination, lying to yourself, filling up your time with distractions and so on. Recognize who or what causes you to drop the laziness you had yesterday into today.


Even though you might be scared to know you are, you don’t have to be alone in the process. The more you experience God for who He is, you’re able to appreciate who He made you to be. Feeling like you can’t move forward is scary but the outcome is greater than a temporary moment of fear.


3. You won’t find who you are through other people. You won’t find joy there either. Love the innermost depths of yourself because there will be times where the insecurities and doubts flood back. Without that self-love, you’re going to believe happiness is unattainable or you can’t be someone new.


Make a list of what makes you happy and a list of what takes that away. You might find that you may be the biggest factor standing in front of your ability to smile! If you have a new list of goals you want to achieve, you’ll not only have a reminder but a reason to feel motivated. It’s never too late to begin again.


Take a step today. It’s progress. Remind yourself to do the same each day. The days will come where you’ll want to give up but each fights builds endurance. Soon, your goals will be a part of a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be encouraging those around you to want more for themselves as well.


What are you waiting for?

Get up and change.


Much love,

Medge 🙂



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