Remember a couple of weeks back when I was flooding Snapchat and Instastories with my adventures in NYC? I teamed up with my Style Collective Sisters for a “Bloggers in New York City Takeover” Weekend. I’m talking blow outs, kickboxing, brunch on brunch on brunch and more! Everything, and when I say, everything was complimentary!

Here’s how it all went down.

The Meetup

To kickoff our “Bloggers in NYC” weekend, I travelled into the city from Jersey and met with the girls at Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Nolita. There, we introduced ourselves and got to know one another better. We had an awesome photographer and videographer with us from the very start, taking the most perfect shots so we could share with you all! It was awesome, we joked calling them our paparazzi!


The Gifts

After we made our rounds, it was time to open presents! So. Many. Brands. Capsul Jewelry, Deux Lux, Tula, Beauty Unboxed, B Floral, Bare Republic, COOLA, WEN, Whimsy Fashion, and Lilah B!





Right after, we headed to Credo Beauty for a private beauty session. This beauty session was one of my favorites. I learned so much about vegan products and all the good stuff we should use on our skin. (I go into detail here). It made my day to discover that we’d be going home with some products of our choice! I’ve quickly become a skincare junkie, if you haven’t noticed.


Afterwards, we had brunch! We ate at Oficina 1M — a quaint, hipster-y spot with the most tantalizing menus and cutest tea sets! We left full as ever. The owner and our server were also super sweet! They ensured we were okay and told us all about the special foods we were eating.





How can bloggers take NYC without making fashion a part of their day? We met up with Last First at Bloomingdales Soho for a fun styling session. Our assignment was to find the perfect date night look.




Next was kickboxing at Rumble Boxing! I always wanted to give it a go and I absolutely loved it! The music was loud and pounding, the room was dark and the instructor was so fun. Our trainer made sure we were enjoying every moment and still getting our work out. I didn’t go hard because 1. I’m out of shape and 2. I was not going to sweat my makeup off — we still had the whole evening to be out and about! However, as I was punching those bags with those cute gloves, I thought, “I totally see why some people punch holes in the wall!” Hitting things can be relieving. You learn something new everyday!



The girls went to yoga afterwards but I decided to sit that one out due to religious reasons.


Finally, we had dinner! We met up again at Cafe Clover. This restaurant was the cutest.  I actually tried octopus! Mind you, I don’t try new foods. I stick to what I know, feel me? But…it wasn’t too bad. I guess LOL.



Afterwards, they all went to a rooftop lounge for endless drinks at Jimmy at the James. I really wanted to go but I was exhausted and I still had that long train ride back to New Jersey and Day 2 to prepare for!


Day 2

The next day, we met at DreamDry for our blowouts! I’ll be sharing more in the following post but just wanted to include our brunch spot in this one! We ate at Tijuana Picnic and you, GUYS. Best french toast I ever had my LIFE. Seriously. I can’t wait to go back!



We received our final handpicked gifts for that weekend. I fell in love with my rose gold pearl necklace from Cynthiary Bakoff — it was so simple and elegant.




Thank you to all the wonderful brands, restaurants and orgs that made this weekend possible for us! I love all my gifts, the service was impeccable and it was awesome meeting new people!



May 5, 2017

  1. Melody Rosa says:

    Omg you guys are my blogging gal goals I live in the city it be great to meet you guys if there is another outing.

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