DC Fashion Week Events!


Wherever you are, find out what your niche is doing and partake in the festivities! I spent a couple hours scrounging for fashion events in DC and found that they have their very own Fashion Week. I got to participate in the Macy’s event with June Ambrose, Johnetta Boone and Tai Beauchamp! (I posted about here.) And there were plenty events I discovered! Since I’m juggling seminars and my internship, I figured three more back to back wouldn’t do me that much damage. Boy, was I wrong! After the hectic week, I was exhausted and stayed in my apartment the whole weekend to recuperate! Imagine what it’s like for NYFW with fashion influencers going to shows back to back. Shudders.

I’d still love that, though. Haha.

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Dear Black People, You Are Your Hair. Love, America.


I’ve gone through countless, cultural lessons in light of the 20 years I’ve lived. It’s only right to share. You know, so we’ll all be culturally versed together.

Lesson Number 1: Black people don’t have long hair.

This lesson was first taught to me in no other than the institute of learning. In my elementary years, my classmates challenged the legitimacy of the hair coming from my very own follicles. Because my hair reached past my shoulder blades, it was fake. Duh.

As I grew up, people have always wanted (and even attempted) to touch my roots, checking for extensions. I’m not mixed so all this hair couldn’t possibly be mine.

Lesson Number 2: Black people should hate their hair. Oh, and Black people should perm their hair, too.

As a child, I didn’t like wearing weave because I was afraid people would think I didn’t have any hair. Saddening, huh? But once prom came around, I fell in love with extensions and couldn’t see myself without it anymore. To be beautiful meant to have bundles of hair flowing down my back.

Part two of lesson two:

Due to the fact that our hair is untamable and wild, we must permanently straighten it to look acceptable in society. If we don’t do so, we may miss possible job opportunities that we probably could’ve gotten if our hair was straight.

Lesson Number 3: Darker skin + big hair = more problems.

I’ll never forget my senior year of high school. My sister and I were two of the very few Black people casted in our school’s huge production: 42nd Street. Our excitement was quickly squashed when we noticed we weren’t included in our favorite scene. As we sat out and watch them rehearse, we noticed something. Every girl lightly dancing around in tutus were fair skinned with silky, long tresses. I couldn’t help but tear up at our “misfortune.”

Asides from that scene, along with everyone else, we had to wear wigs. It was easy for the directors to find one for me because I had a perm but it was difficult to find one for my sister because she was natural. Again, yet another problem with us.

Lesson Number 4:  “Ethnic hairstyles” on us looks…trashy. (So basically, we should stray away from not just wearing our hair out, but from braids and dreads, too!)

We’ve seen this when Kendall Jenner was accredited for an “epic”, new look: cornrolls. And now we see it with Giuliana Rancic saying that because Zendaya wore dreads, she must have smelled of “patchouli” and “weed.”

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely, positively love Zendaya. She’s a poised, stylish and reputable young woman. And so her response to Giuliana Rancic made me adore her even more. It moved me to the point where I had to create this post, to shed light on the expectations America has on African-Americans.

FullSizeRender (8)

Lesson Number 5: Black people, America says: “Contrary to your belief and India Arie, you are your hair…and you are your skin, too.”

When you consider hair, you consider color. We deal with the color of our skin, and within the color, we deal with the shade. We deal with the texture and we deal with the length of our hair. Our hair represents who we are to society, as stereotypical and racial it may be.

I do not consider Giuliana Rancic a racist. That comment was ignorant, yes. And we will hear a lot more of degrading remarks in this life, but do not confuse racism with ignorance and do not allow negativity to cause you to seep low with ignorant comments of your own. Handle with regality, with grace, with poise.

Heck, handle it like Zendaya.

* Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Loving Love


I love love! So whenever Valentine’s Day comes around, I can’t help but wear the typical pinks, reds, and purples and be in a gushy, giddy mood. Even when I was single, I was never a VDay hater lol maybe it was my upbringing in my faith. No, not maybe – definitely! I’m surrounded by love daily and I’m constantly reminded of the Ultimate Love of all:  sweet sweet Jesus! Get it? Sweet? (Yes, I chuckle at my own jokes.)

I traveled back to Jersey to celebrate the holiday with my hunay. It was a long bus ride (about 4.5 hours) but it was soooo worth it. I haven’t seen Paul in over a month! *cues tears* It felt surreal to be not just with him, but my family. I missed them so much!

On to the good stuff. I spent the first half of my VDay with my mom. The quality time was much needed and we appreciated each other’s company (I’m a momma’s girl, guys.)

The second half of my day was spent with Paul! I had no clue what he was planning until we reached the stables.  Yup, he surprised me with a horseback lesson!!! Mind you, he didn’t know I used to collect figurines of horses as a child. The experience … took my breath away. Both, literally and figuratively.

IMG_1085Afterwards, we went to dinner at a perfect Thai restaurant. It was the perfect  ending to a perfect day with the most perfect people.

IMG_1054 IMG_1061 IMG_1079I guess now’s the part where I tell you about what I’m wearing, right? All ASOS errthang!!! Haha no seriously, everything is. Except for my pants. They’re from The Gap. If you guys don’t realize, the “shirt” I’m wearing is actually the dress I wore for my birthday! I folded it up and voila.


It doesn’t matter that it’s two days after Vday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Adorners! And if you haven’t heard it lately, I love you all ;)

* Photography by my good friend Domonique Boss! Thank you, girly!

Macy’s Celebrates Black History Month with June Ambrose, Johnetta Boone and Tai Beauchamp!


Awesome weekend I had, guys!

The fabulousness all actually began Thursday. Macy’s had an event (hence my title) to celebrate Black History Month. They brought along the fabulous June Ambrose, Johnetta Boone and Tai Beauchamp! June and Johnetta are well known in the fashion realms. They’ve worked with many celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Zoe Saldana. June even has her own line on HSN!

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Back to Black

Hi Adorners!

I just wanted to share with you a few of my most popular posts that celebrate acceptance, black beauty and beauty in general. If you haven’t read them before, check them out!

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– A post where I focus on Black beauties in the fashion, modeling and entertainment industries. These women have paved the way for our fashionable feet today! Icons include: Dorothy Dandridge, Zelda Valdez, Donyale Luna, Naomi Sims, Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll, Diana Ross, Mildred Blount, and Ann Lowe.

2. Lupita, In Color

– A post where I tell all about my story of my skin in this Western culture and how Lupita’s achievements have boldened women of color.

3.  Forever Young

– A compilation of thoughts on beauty, life, and eternity.

“My Little Sister’s Best Friend is Muslim”

My little sister’s best friend is Muslim. They met freshman year of high school and the two have been close for a little over a year now. Within their friendship, they have learned to ignore the stares of onlookers that solely see two black girls – one apparently ordinary and one that isn’t, solely because she wears a Hijab. For the ones that know my sister personally, their eyes pop out even wider because she’s a Christian and apparently, Christians and Muslims don’t mix.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted


Let’s begin with the outfit deets, shall we?

My accessories were a gift (thanks Domonique)! But everything else I have on are old finds I got from home. My floral lace top is actually a dress! I wore it as a shirt because it shrunk in my dryer (Yes, the tag did say it should be dry cleaned but I wanted to wear it!) The pink leather pants are by far the greatest thrift find I’ve ever had! I saw them and knew I had to have them because I mean, who could say no to pink leather pants?

I wore this pastel look to the National Press Club and later to their State of the Union Watch Party. I actually took these photos at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial with my friend Casey!

How’d I get there? Well, I told ya in my last post that my seminars will be all over DC and we have to get to each place on our own! It was my worst fear when coming to DC…knowing I would have to take public transportation. No, not because it’s public transportation but because getting from place to place on my own isn’t really my strong suit. I’ve always had a ride to wherever I needed to go so I didn’t even get my license until last fall. Yes, at the age of 20! Plus, I don’t know much about buses and trains – I took my very first train ride my freshman year of college!

But I did it and I’ve been doing it. It brings me deep joy to be able to say that I understand the DC metro system and can navigate for once! Not only that, I actually have to cook for myself. Or else, I’ll die haha. Point of the matter is, I’m growing up! Life is continually teaching me lessons wherever I go and it feels good to b l o o m.


Photos by Casey Mendoza

24th Feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers!

Check These Great Posts Out!



What do you do when your eyeshadow breaks? How do you NOT take an outfit photo? How do you take care of your nails? How to you add a little edge to your style? The serious questions when it comes to fashion. Well, ok, still very IMPORTANT. This week we have a great roundup of interesting links informing us all those little things you didn’t even know you really needed to know.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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