I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe the holidays are already upon us! It’s my favorite time of year. First, stuffing our faces and reflecting on what you’re grateful for, then celebrating the gift of Christ!  Oh, and if you call Black Friday a holiday, I guess you can squeeze that in there, too.

I collaborated with SHOPBOP to share with you my favorite holiday looks! Of course when you think of the holidays, the two primary colors you go for are red and green. I chose to go with 3 green dresses that you can get inspo from to wear to your holiday dinner, banquets and/or parties!

The first dress is one of my favorites. These kind of dresses look the best on petite women so if you’re short, this one’s for you! It compliments your chest, slims your waist and gives you hips!

The second dress is more elegant. It’s perfect for Christmas service at church. I love it’s straight line – this type of dress elongates your body!

Ahhhh this third dress is absolutely gorgeous. Extravagant, yes. But super necessary for the holidays. It’s perfect for a gala, banquet or any formal event. I love the constructed shape; it gives the illusion of origami. What do you think?

For more holiday dresses, search no further! Shopbop’s got ya.



Smile Brilliant


Hey guys!

Happy Monday :)

Yes, happy happy happy happy (Pharell’s voice lol). I’m grinning from ear to ear because 1. God graced me to be alive. 2. my smile has gotten brighter! Yayyyyyy!

All thanks to Smile Brilliant.

When I first heard from the company, I was a bit hesitant in agreeing to work with them solely because my blog never covered anything like this before. However, after agreeing and trying the process for about 2 weeks, I can’t shut up!


My. Teeth. Are. LIT.

Using Smile Brilliant at home seemed too easy to be true. But using it really was that simple. (You can learn of the process through this awesome YouTuber’s video here.) I’ve always taken good care of my teeth (No braces and I’ve never even had a cavity!) But it was awesome to see how the product helped enhance the whiteness of my teeth in one night. It wasn’t a great difference but I did see small results. From then on, I was excited to see the finish product.

My third night, I guess I was too excited because I put too much gel and irritated the mess out of my gums. No bleeding, no swelling. But man did that baby burn. So be careful, a little goes a long way! I’m telling you so you don’t have to learn the hard way. Trust me.

It’s fast acting enough on it’s own. I can’t wait to continue my process – I’m just so excited about it, I wanted to share the news now!

Maybe I’ll do a follow up post so you all can see the results in a month or so. If not, you can always just see them in my style posts haha.

Check out more reviews/testimonials here and this instructional video  of how it works! Your teeth will shine bright like a diamond for sure ;)



*This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own. 

Photography by Cassi Ettman

ZARA Giveaway

IMG_8200 (1).PNG

Yes, yes, YES.

I’m back with yet another giveaway! I teamed up with some more bloggers to bring you this awesome ZARA giveaway. I mean, it only makes sense – this is a fashion blog, after all!

So enter to win a $200 Zara Gift Card below! Hope one of my readers win ;)

PS: Hello, new subbies! Welcome to Adorned in Armor. I hope you all get acquainted with my site and make it a home for your stylistic and faith needs!

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How do you react when tragedy is heard around the world?

In hate?
In fear?
In terror?

This past Friday, the world was faced with devastating news of the Paris attacks. Several suicide bombers and gunmen hit a string of popular venues including restaurants, bars, a stadium and concert hall – leaving over 100 killed and even more wounded.

The nation is reeling and the rest have been pulling together in solidarity for the country.

We’ve experienced terrorist attacks on our homeland and have continued to witness the world get more dangerous and engulfed in hate and evil. Because we are so exposed, it doesn’t mean we should stop feeling. Desensitization prevents us from acting proactively.

Seeing photos, learning the names and hearing personal stories from survivors and from those who lost loved ones can evoke heartbreak and a feeling of helplessness but there is something you can do.

Turn to prayer.

Whenever something tragic happens, everyone is quick to say “pray for this” but I have a few issues with the way we go about this.

My youngest sister brought up my first point: “Who are they praying to?”

Her question was half rhetorical but she still sort of expected some answer. She understands that many aren’t believers of Christ but she had no idea how they could pray if they believed their prayers aren’t going anywhere.

My issue is that society says it, but doesn’t do it. We have become a generation where we consider raising awareness through a hashtag, a like, or a repost is enough. But it’s not.

Prayer is.

The power of prayer is matchless to any act you do in life. It’s an open conversation between you and God. It’s your main-line of communication. You call, He answers. It may not be in the answer you want, but one thing for certain is that Christ always picks up.

He never misses your call. It’s never dropped or ignored. He loves to hear from you because it’s as simple as this: He loves you.

It’s normal to feel a vast array of these feelings when disaster like this strikes. It’s human nature. It’s normal to have questions. And it’s even more normal to react based on these feelings.

However, don’t allow your feelings to lead you to irrational behavior. Violence doesn’t solve a thing, but add on to the circle of hate. Stay vigilant and put your hope in Christ. Your prayers are going somewhere. If you can turn to Him when disaster hits, you can surely stay with Him during the calm.

Okay, maybe you don’t know what to pray. I came up with 3 definites on my own list:

  • For Muslims to be protected from the backlash of hate. Yes, we may not share the same religion, we share the same race. Prayer for humanity is integral in our faith.
  • For the broken hearts of those affected
  • For love.

I came across this perfect article that goes more into detail about how Christians should pray when terrorism strikes. One point I loved was where the author mentions to “Praise God that He is sovereign, that He has ultimate control over all, and that nothing takes Him by surprise (Isaiah 45:5-7). On behalf of yourself and others, ask God for a passion and love for Christ that DRIVES OUT FEAR (1 John 4:18).” What I particularly loved the most was the beautiful prayer that they had and I knew I had to share with you all:

God of faithfulness, we come to You in anguish
after the targeted attacks on our nation.
We are filled with anxieties and questions.
What words of supplication
can we bring before You,
what prayer, what deeds?

God, we need Your grace
to center our minds and settle our hearts.
We need Your hope
to sustain our passion for justice
and our will to be peacemakers.
We need Your wisdom to help us recognize
your presence dwelling within us
and within every being you have made.
We need your courage
to live as children of light, hope and love,
putting away all darkness, fear and hatred.

Take from us all longing for vengeance.
Fill us with compassion for victims of violence
throughout the world.
Give us a love that is not withheld
even from our enemies.
Grant that our leaders may act justly.

Be with us in our prayer.
Help us to truly believe,
not only in Your abiding presence,
but also in the power of prayer
to move mountains.

Pull us from the grasp of violence.
Guide our steps in Your way of peace.

#prayforparis isn’t just a hashtag. It’s not just a temporary movement. It’s an action that should be done fervently. Prayer won’t change what happened, but it can transform our reactions to such hate. It soothes the hearts of the broken, wipes the tears from the weary and lovingly hugs those in despair. Jesus can.

So pray for Paris. Pray for the United States. Pray for this world.

Christian Instagrammers To Follow


I don’t know about you but it’s really difficult to keep your eyes “on things above” when corruption is all up in your face and page and Instagram and…life.

Nudity. Porn. Profanity. There’s just some things you shouldn’t have on your feed. And that Explore Page?! Bruh.

Just be aware that even in our relaxed time, it’s so easy to slip and fall into sin. Even when you don’t intentionally look, it’s BAM. And you’re spiritually beat. 1 Corinthians tells us all to be alert and to stand firm in our faith! So keep guard, guys.

With that being said, you may need an Instagram sweep. Every once in awhile, I unfollow negative influences on my timeline whether it be Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You might have to do this to clean up your own feed. You can follow who you want, but as a believer, I find importance in following other believers as well. We need encouragement and reminders in this immoral world. We need to be exposed to the Word on social media to be strengthened and become more equipped and more unashamed in Jesus Christ.

As much as the world has different artists, it’s refreshing to find people who are just as talented and artistic but most of all from the same faith. It’s rare to find but these people exist, guys – they EXIST! They’re boldly living for Christ with their gifts and simply seeing their posts on their personal style, art or everyday issues is super inspiring.

And so I encourage you all to get some positivity, hope, faith and Jesus on your timelines! A little bit goes a long way. I’m so happy to have found these gems through my own Instagram and I hope you take it upon yourself to support them, too! Continue reading

Laced Up


I’m finally 21!

Yayayayay. Definitely blessed to see another year. I praise God for it.

My birthday went nothing as planned. I didn’t do the whole travel to Philadelphia thing. Everything was falling apart and I decided my friends and I would just wing it.

But even winging it was a struggle. So tears were involved. Long story short, my friends made my weekend!

On Friday night, my friends surprised me with a mini pre-party with Popeyes and cupcakes. It was hilarious and so me. I LOVE chicken and cupcakes, guys. That night, we went out for my first official drink at Applebee’s. We shared so many laughs – I loved it.

The next day, we went to a women’s ministry event at a nearby church we attend by our school. I cant even begin to explain the experience so I’ll just say it was great to start my day for devoting time to the One who gave me life.

That night, we finally found a classy place to dine at! We went to PF Changs and stayed until it was just us. It was cool – it was like we booked the whole restaurant hahaha.

Planning for my birthday was definitely a lot and although I had to play it by ear, I’m super grateful to have done it with people who cared about keeping a smile on my face.

Memories on memories on memories. With people who are blessings on blessings.

With God and my loved ones, I am laced up and prepared for anything coming my way…
adornedbirthday-3adornedbirthday-6adornedbirthday-9adornedbirthday-4adornedbirthday-23adornedbirthday-15 adornedbirthday-17 adornedbirthday-21 Dress – Lavish Alice

Shoes – Forever 21

Accessories – ALDO



My birthday is coming!

This Saturday, the 24th to be exact. I don’t shop much, but on the rare occasion that I do, it’s for my birthday.

I’m turning 21 this year and the most expecting way to celebrate is a night out in NYC, especially because it’s so close to me. However, I’m all New York’d out. Yeah, I’m shocked, too.

So I’ll be celebrating my night in Philadelphia at a soulful lounge with good eats and great friends. During the day, I’ll be attending a “Girlfriend’s Day” event at a church I attend while here at school.

I typically embrace colors and prints but this year I’m doing it quite simple. I’ll be wearing black. (You’ll see the dress later.) I partnered up with SHOPBOP to show you guys some of my favorite styles of little black dresses.

  1. Perfect for a special night. Not too fancy but not at all chill. Still, very very classy.  That neckline tops it all. This dress is for the woman who likes to do it up but still come off…subtle.
  2. Here’s a classic little dress you can wear simple with a statement necklace or blazer. Effortless.
  3. I had to include this dress! I love the suede material and of course, the fringe. I mean, look at all that layering! The movement is also gorgeous. This dress is ideal for a chill or adventurous night out.

For more LBD looks, shop here and paint the night…black!