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Hey guys heyyyyyy!

So I’m all finished up with my internship! It was truly an honor being there. I met and networked with some awesome people and experienced some pretty special things. However, I think it’s the advice that I received and was able to share with you that was my favorite moment!

Now that my internship is over, it only makes sense to conclude my internship series with a bang!  I decided to switch things up some for my fifth and final look. I created an internship lookbook with all 5 styles!

Thank you, Domonique, for being so willing to help with my photos and videos and thanks to you all for your continuous support! I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed creating! To unlock the final look, please go check out that video. Please subscribe, like and comment!

Let’s see where God leads me next ;)

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ELLE Intern Look #4 | Internship Must-Haves


I’m back!!!

I realized something was missing from my “Internship” segment here on Adorned in Armor: The Millennial Commuter’s Survival Guide! Because truth of the matter is, you’ll have to travel with pretty much any internship – whether it be grueling hours or mere minutes. Here, I’m sharing my fourth ELLE intern look and my top 12 internship must-haves! Scroll along, scroll along ;)

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Ask An Elle Editor | VICTORIA HOFF


Hey guys!

This time around, I didn’t sit down with an editor, I emailed one! Whenever I went into the office, I’d see the bohemian chic Victoria Hoff and since I won’t be seeing her anymore, I thought to pick her mind a little bit.

Victoria was the Associate Editor of Yeah, you noticed I said “was” right? Victoria’s headed to California to pursue an opportunity with the sister site of Who What Wear! In the past, she interned with Runway Rundown, Catherine Malandrino, Vogue and even with ELLE before she later got a job there.

Follow us along as we discuss grad school (or nah?), her career path and her old blog! Continue reading



Hey guys, hey!

I’m here to share with you intern look number 3! I began this series to cover all things internships – from looks, to interviewing the pros, to capturing my days at through video! If you haven’t checked out my previous looks, be sure to do so here and here!

For my third look, I chose to do my favorite thing: wear different prints! I got this floral peplum top from ASOS and the stretchy gingham pants are from H&M. (SB: They’re absolutely perfect for being out and about)

My shoesies are F21. Yes, “shoesies.” That was not a typo lol. I know you probably think I’m crazy for wearing heels but I’m really not. I have no problem wearing short heels/sandals in the office and I was doing so for the majority of the summer. However, towards the end of my internship, I decided to pack my high heels in my bag and change into them when I reached the building. There are a whole bunch of comfy couch-like chairs that I could sit on to put these bad boys on. I’ve seen other women do the same haha. You can, too!

But yeah. I guess you can say nude shoes are an essential to perfect an intern look. Scratch that; it’s essential period! They match with pretty much everything.

Whataya think?

elleinternfloral2 elleinternfloral3 elleinternfloral4 elleinternfloral5 elleinternfloral6

Catch me if you can ;)

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Ask An ELLE Editor


Hey guys!

As part of my summer internship series, I decided to add an element of interviewing. And who better to interview than an ELLE editor?! I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Leah Chernikoff, editorial director of, and get some great advice! Leah’s the boss lady of the site and in learning of her professional background, one can definitely understand why. Before ELLE, she was the editorial director of and prior to that, she reported for the New York Daily News. She also freelanced for the Wall Street Journal,, Bon Appetit, and

Told you she was impressive! Read on to discover her past uncertainty about her career path, first fashion experiences (spoiler: it includes Rihanna), and tips for interns everywhere. Continue reading

Defying Broadway


Hey guys! It’s Medgina again :)

If the title doesn’t sound familiar, it’s inspired by the song “Defying Gravity” from Wicked (which is one of the longest shows running on Broadway). The word defy signifies power. The song is basically saying that if you can “defy” something as strong as gravity, nothing can stop you.

That’s the point I’m trying to get across- anyone can defy whatever obstacle that’s holding them back. Scratch that, don’t let anything hold you back because the obstacle shouldn’t be there in the first place.

I was/am obsessed with musical theatre (I even mess with the idea of writing a musical). There are a lot of great things going on in theatre/film right now and I knew I had to speak on it.

My musical would motivate me to take it beyond myself and into something everyone can identify with. It’s not about race or beauty. It’s the fact that anyone can be a star and shine because of their talent, not how they look.

There are about 35 all black casts shows on Broadway, some focused on historical truths, struggles, Motown and remakes of other productions. It’s amazing to own a space that is so hard to own at times which is why when an actor defies the usual expectations Broadway, it’s an even greater celebration.

I remember how excited I was when I found out Keke Palmer would star in Rodger’s and Hammerstien’s Cinderella. It was a classic I used to wear out watching on my VCR as Brandy and Whitney Houston awakened the thought of not looking like what the role was “supposed” to be. Who says others races can’t relate to Cinderella’s story?

Media creates superficial information so people have misguided views of the world. Stereotypes are the easiest ways to generalize a whole ethnicity so viewers grasp what “typical standards” for said race are. By repeating the stereotypes, the identity of people are blurred and become a false reality. This is in countless musicals, play and books where an actor has to portray one hundred percent of every nuance in a civilization even when they’re just one percent themselves.

It’s aggravating seeing biased views on how an African American looks and acts. You have the sassy and soulful best friend who “keeps it real”, the “typical” funny black guy, etc. And we won’t forget that the only popular black princess known, basically spent one intake of breath as a human before she was turned in a frog…how do people realize their worth if they don’t see someone who looks like them as the star?

If popular culture continues to portray groups in the same light all the time, it will be hard to tell the rays a part. Stereotypes limit growth and builds ignorance that if one person behaves one way, everyone else does as well.

(I do realize that some shows have to cast based on race: West Side Story, Show Boat, Miss Saigon, Hairspray, Ragtime etc. because it drives the plot)

Currently, Brandy just ended her run as “Roxxy” in Chicago, Norm Lewis is “the Phantom” in The Phantom of the Opera, and Keke Palmer is going to play “Marty” on Fox’s live production of Grease.

There are people who are upset that the producers aren’t keeping things “original” and “classic” and I’m happy their opinion has not affected the choices. To the naysayers- if you don’t like it, don’t watch it :)

I’d liked to send a huge congratulations to a fellow classmate and theatre cast member Shanice Williams for defying the odds. For as a long as I’ve known her, she has took on the classic roles and made them her own proving that talent is more important than appearance.

She will be performing in NBC’s The Wiz this winter, December 3rd and I know that Broadway better watch out as she takes on the roles given to one face, and make it available for others.

We all have the ability to break down the barriers the world tries to place around us. There are times when I think I’m too young to do things or I wouldn’t fit in with those who are more experienced and Tarah just tells me; “If you’re meant to have something, God will give it to you despite what others think.”

Everyone deserves the chance to fly.

So defy and be green or brown or yellow because we all bleed red just like everyone else! You don’t have to play the role society hands to you.

Much love,


How To Land Your Dream Internship


I’ve always known I would be entering the field of Communications and I’ve always had an idea of what I wanted to do but having an idea is definitely different than being certain! To figure out where exactly I wanted to be, I decided to explore the field through my very first internship with STAR 99.1 FM, my second with PBS and my third and current one with: I learned plenty through my brief time in radio, television and online/magazine. Continue reading

ELLE Intern Look #2


Hey sweet thangs, I hope your week is going awesome so far :)

I’m returning with another outfit for my internship look series! I began this series because I found that many don’t know what to wear to their internships, let alone their fashion internships. It’s so difficult coming up with comfy, but chic. Cool, but office appropriate. And if you commute, it’s even harder! You have the freezing office and then the sweltering subway (that could seriously cause you to faint if you’re not hydrated.) So what to wear, right? I’ve got you covered. If you missed out my first look, check it out here!

For my second look, I chose to wear a non fussy dress from F21. And trust me, non-fussy is what you NEED in this summer heat. I like that this dress doesn’t cling to my body so that air can circulate haha. The fabric is also light enough for the outdoors but heavy enough to protect me from the arctic breezes from being in the building. I also love the trendy tassels on the sides!
INTERNSHIPLOOKS_0175I decided to wear my red Nine West sandals that I bought last season from DSW to add some color and I popped some red matte lipstick and a few accessories to add some professionalism and personal touches to the look. Mu nude little bag is so clutch (get it?) to hold any must-needed items.

Hope this helps! Can’t wait to hear from you guys :) And don’t forget to keep up with me on Insta & Twitter! Until next time <3

Internship Look | ft JORD


Hi guys, remember how last summer I had the series titled, “Who Adorns Her?” If not, it was a feature where I highlighted the stylists of the best dressed celebrities.

This summer, I thought I’d share my own very personal favorites! I’ll be showcasing my internship style from traveling to and fro New York for my internship with ELLE. So onto internship look number one…

Here, I’m adorning this amazing wooden watch gifted from JORD! Yes, I said “wooden.” And yes I said “watch!” If you know me, I don’t even wear watches. I actually never heard about this company until they reached out to me. All of a sudden, I wanted to know all about JORD because of their perfect merchandise (no seriously)! I scoured their site for the watch that would most suit me and I narrowed it down to these two bad boys: the Cora and the Sidney. I ended up with the Sidney because it’s easier to pair with.JORDWATCH

You know how they’re different kinds of trees? Well, they have different types of watches! There’s maple, cherry, and all that good stuff. Their intricate and various designs are inspired by their sincere love of nature and modern taste. Not only do I love JORD’s fashionable, earth-friendly watches, but I love their mission, which is the belief that their watches tell more than time. I must say I agree.

Who knew wood could send a timeless and fashionable message? (Get the pun?)

I’m seriously fascinated by JORD‘s designs. They have products that feel exclusive – not everyone has it and I think I appreciate that aspect the most. I can guarantee compliments derived from just seeing the watch! Like seriously, it’s not the typical MK watch you see everywhere; it’s your very own sustainable and trendy item.

If you didn’t think such an invention could be created, look no further but their website and… the flick of my wrist hahaha. I hope you sang that aloud!


Dress – Missguided | Necklace – F21 | Watch – JORD | Shoes – ALDO

Photography by Medgina Saint-Elien & Domonique Boss

** All opinions are my own. Item gifted by JORD. ** 

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD