Bloom Where You Are Planted


Let’s begin with the outfit deets, shall we?

My accessories were a gift (thanks Domonique)! But everything else I have on are old finds I got from home. My floral lace top is actually a dress! I wore it as a shirt because it shrunk in my dryer (Yes, the tag did say it should be dry cleaned but I wanted to wear it!) The pink leather pants are by far the greatest thrift find I’ve ever had! I saw them and knew I had to have them because I mean, who could say no to pink leather pants?

I wore this pastel look to the National Press Club and later to their State of the Union Watch Party. I actually took these photos at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial with my friend Casey!

How’d I get there? Well, I told ya in my last post that my seminars will be all over DC and we have to get to each place on our own! It was my worst fear when coming to DC…knowing I would have to take public transportation. No, not because it’s public transportation but because getting from place to place on my own isn’t really my strong suit. I’ve always had a ride to wherever I needed to go so I didn’t even get my license until last fall. Yes, at the age of 20! Plus, I don’t know much about buses and trains – I took my very first train ride my freshman year of college!

But I did it and I’ve been doing it. It brings me deep joy to be able to say that I understand the DC metro system and can navigate for once! Not only that, I actually have to cook for myself. Or else, I’ll die haha. Point of the matter is, I’m growing up! Life is continually teaching me lessons wherever I go and it feels good to b l o o m.


Photos by Casey Mendoza

24th Feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers!

Check These Great Posts Out!



What do you do when your eyeshadow breaks? How do you NOT take an outfit photo? How do you take care of your nails? How to you add a little edge to your style? The serious questions when it comes to fashion. Well, ok, still very IMPORTANT. This week we have a great roundup of interesting links informing us all those little things you didn’t even know you really needed to know.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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Martin Luther King & Queens 


First things first, I’m a tourist! Hope you guys all read that in your best “Iggy” impersonation! Lol


I told you all a few posts ago that I’m living in DC until May. I got accepted into American University’s Washington Semester Program so I’ll be heading to seminars and meeting media influencers all over DC. I’ve even had a class in the National Press Club! We’ll be meeting there a lot. My blog will somewhat transform into a lifestyle blog of some type for these few months.

But enough about me, let’s talk Dr. King! Regardless of how you feel about him, today we remember Dr. King as a strong man of God that lead in the efforts of breaking the barriers of segregation. To celebrate his holiday, I got a group of friends together and we toured across DC all day. It’s crazy to think that decades ago, we wouldn’t be able to even be together just because of the differences of our skin color.

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Never Too Late, Never Too Much


You can never say “thank you” too many times, right?

Right. So I can’t stop. Won’t stop! Thank you to my oh so very supportive Adorners! You awesome people seriously drive this blog and I’m grateful for your support, shares, likes, comments and…nominations!

I was nominated for the Shine on Award as well as the Versatile Blogger Award a couple of times last year. Now I’m here to share my nomination for the Liebster Blog Awards which is basically an award that gives recognition to up and coming bloggers, introduces you to some new ones and share their interests! The main goal is to encourage bloggers to keep up the good work.

I was nominated by Living Disrobed like legit 9 months ago (seriously…in April). I didn’t even notice it in my comments! So, sorry love! And thank you, again lol.

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My Favorite Over-all…

DSC_0315I know what you’re thinking. “Where oh where did you get those fabulous pair of frames, Tarah?” Haha I got them from Polette! A rep reached out to me to see if I would create a press account with them and style my favorite pair of glasses from their site on mine. I was stuck; there was so many to choose from! But these were my favorite…over all. Get it?My favorite out of them all? And I’m wearing overalls? *cues drum set*

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Baroque and Broke

DSC_0139 Hey Adorners,

I’ve got a quick little style post to share with you all. Sorry for the late post but I’m sure my international readers don’t mind ;)

Last spring, I bought these cute trousers from H&M that I fell in love with (I only purchase must-haves and no, not everything is a must-have!). After I bought it, I was looking for the perfect top to complete the look. I searched my closet to no avail. I headed to Forever last winter and I spotted this very top but I was broke so I couldn’t buy it. I guess I fell in love with it because although different prints, they reminded me of baroque and were different yet similar enough that it actually worked. I hope that made sense!

I came back two weeks later and I couldn’t find it in ANY Forever 21 store – not even online! I was heart broken. Fast forward to two weeks ago, I’m styling my cousin for a Christmas party and head to the store for a few accessories and guess what?! THIS TOP WAS HANGING RIGHT IN MY FACE! Yes,it’s that serious that I had to write in caps haha

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2014 Style Recap


In this 2014 Style Recap, I compiled all of this year’s style posts (duh lol) and man, what an evolution! Not so much in style, but in photo quality and poses and what not.

I learned a lot from blogging this year. I came across plenty of beautiful people that have encouraged me because of the potential Adorned in Armor has. From this blog turning one year old, to getting the chance to attend Fashion Week, to flying for an impromptu trip to London for the Cosmopolitan UK 2014 Blog Awards, it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning for Adorned in Armor!

Thanks for being there from the very beginning and to my new followers, welcome! We’re in this together and so I appreciate each and every one of you. Continue reading