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Where the Wind Blows, Just Flow

August 30, 2017

Life stretching you thin? Me too, girl.


I’m coming out of a season of busy-but-I’m-the-boss to busy-and-I-have-no-choice! I laugh about it sometimes because it’s like “wow life, oh how you switch up on me.”



I have even more on my plate now — I decided to go to grad school! And, I’m working multiple side jobs to get this money. Plus, this blog. Plus, church life and ya know, personal thangs. I’ve been tossed back and forth and before I was trying to weather the winds but now, it’s time to flow with it.


Now, I’m a pretty ‘laxed, girl, ya’ll so I’m not referring to that kind of “flow with it.”


It’s great to be rooted. I pride myself on how I’m always open to ideas and doing whatever while still remaining true to myself. I believe in making the best of every situation, in looking ahead even when feeling stuck. However, where I now am in life, I’m seeing how even that control, I have to let go of.


Allow God to make the best for you! Stop trying to do it yourself. As strong, ambitious women, we’re “okay” with things getting crazy as long as our feet our still on the floor…as long as we’re still grasping onto that one thing that’s grounding us. It’s instinctual, almost. It’s also strengthening. But what makes you stronger is when you enter a new phase of letting go…a new phase of being completely uprooted in life but stationed spiritually. Yes, there’s levels to this.


Sometimes you will be called to be still in Him, and sometimes you will have to move with Him! Click To Tweet



I actually got the inspiration for this post while wearing this strappy, little Banana Republic number. I love the peplum waist, making the design even more delicate. I first fell in love with the color, though. It’s such a calming blue (it’s called hyacinth — fancy!) and I felt so serene wearing it. Funny though, because I wore it on an extremely windy and hectic day.



Take Flight and Flow

It reminded me of the juxtaposition of life. You can dress yourself all cute (or, dress yourself in the assumption you have control and try to make sure you’re good”) but when it’s time to get out there, you realize you have no anchorage. Many are afraid of this, which is why we hold on so tight to things we don’t need. All along, God is telling us to fix our gaze on Him and flow. To get those planted heels out off the pavement, to release your grasp from the rails.


It’s a conscious effort. It’s an everyday thing. But take it step by step. Uproot yourself and accept the places you go. Whether good or ugly, it’s just a season and you won’t be here forever!





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Dress & Necklace c/o Banana Republic

This post is sponsored by Banana Republic. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Photos by Domonique Boss


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