Hey guys, Medge here again! This time coming at you from my Stockton University dorm room, in complete disbelief that it’s my senior year!


As I started my first of classes, I was honestly discouraged. I grew accustomed to the pace of New York City, which is a crazy realization in itself. I grew into myself, confidently and trusting the steps God paved out for me this summer.


Being in a room with people who had vision and drive has molded me to work even harder. As much as I wish I was still there instead of in school, the finish line is promising of MORE opportunities! I can’t wait to graduate because if I was blessed to create my own content, direct, pitch, write, shoot over one summer—what’s to come is even greater.


Now I won’t lie, there were moments where I didn’t want to get out of bed. There were m-a-n-y days that I wanted to launch my alarm to other side of the room (grumpy mornings). One feeling I tended to have was: disbelief.


Who am I; Can I actually do this; Am I deserving of this opportunity; Is everyone this excited to go to work; This field is already competitive as it is, how will there be a spot for me while I’m in school?


It was also nerve-wracking having to pitch ideas that I thought were small or farfetched but it always ended up working out for my good. I was no longer afraid to say what direction I wanted a shoot to be in, I earned my place, my voice—I could have a say.


Don’t Limit Yourself; Affirm Yourself

We tend to forget where God pulls us from, we forget about His grace. To think that a conversation on the phone led me to Snapchat is proof that I can’t limit myself or God.


Confirmation is good though. You don’t need validation from everyone, (trust, the haters will come out to play) but those “you’re doing alright kid” situations mean a lot.


I had the pleasure of working with two amazing video producers/editors and they would tell me that I should go into directing. And as the first seed was planted, I continued to receive that note! I’ve always seen myself as a big idea person because my brain is on overdrive constantlyyy. So to think my frazzled thoughts translate to others was dope.


The biggest confirmation is that everything happens for a reason, beyond my reasoning. Young women reached out to me on Instagram and Snapchat, encouraged by my message of embracing your beauty and being yourself. Before my last day, I was asked to continue to contribute while I was in school! I’m still processing the idea! God is moving and working and if He is going this hard for me, the same will be done for you.


We can’t expect to get the answer right when we want it. My mom’s favorite send-us-off-to-school verse is Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”


The future is intimidating but there is a plan for you. Seek what has purpose and you will see the heights you’re brought to, the people you touch, the limits you pass. Take in this moment, greater is to come.


Much love, Medge

September 13, 2017

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