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Jesus, Why Don’t You Just Meet Me In The Middle? (The Search for God) || Dressed for Battle Podcast Ep. 4

September 27, 2018


Has God trapped you in the middle? You know, the place that gives you vision for where you want to be but it’s just not time yet? Or maybe you have no idea but you just know you’re in the middle. How do you deal?


You’ll hear how Jireh of fashion meets God is struggling with letting go of the details. She has moved from Michigan to California to the Philippines and now faces the struggle of learning a new industry and making a different country home. You’ll go from feeling like God’s not listening to know with assurance that He hears and He cares. You’ll be convicted about making time for what God has called you to, regardless of your season. Whether you’re just starting out, you’re in the middle or you’re racing towards the finish line, you will learn to search for God wherever you are. #dressedforbattlepodcast


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