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Is This God’s Plan Or My Own? || Dressed for Battle Podcast Ep. 3

September 20, 2018


Why, God? How, God? You said what, God? Okay, maybe that was me, God. Have you ever questioned what God revealed to you? Have you ever asked Him, are you sure? He gave you signs. He whispered it into your spirit. He sent people to you. He spoke it loud and clear. And you believed Him…at least until life hit you. Brenda of Just Living for Jesus and I, took to the outdoors to sit down and discuss God’s plan. This year, she conquered believing in who God says she is. But now she’s struggling with accepting His word. She’s struggling with listening to Him.


In this episode, you’ll learn God believes in your dreams too. And how He will give you moments of clarity for you to keep in your pocket. You’ll discover how God wants to hear your questions and extinguish your doubts. You’ll learn to believe Him the first time. You’ll break out of the do’s and don’ts of Christianity and more into relationship. More into just living for Jesus. #dressedforbattlepodcast


It’s time for God’s plan.


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