Turnaround. Merriam-Webster defines this term as: “the action of receiving, processing, and returning something.”


In our vernacular, we’d call it “comeback game.”


It’s been over a year of bewildering back-to-back attacks from the enemy. Though I share here and there on lessons I’ve learned, I never went into depth on the particular situations and I won’t just yet. Life has been so eye-opening in regards to friendships, relationships, and personal experiences. Even the things I thought I was “good” on!


I don’t regret the bs. The people. The situations. The hurt I feel. It’s the basis for where I am about to be.


Keyphrase: “It is the basis for where I’m about to be.” Where YOU are about to be.

It’s okay to feel sad, disappointed, angered but that time of sulking is over. You do not have the time to entertain idle thoughts; you do not have the time to be wasting time away on what does not please God at all.


So, do not allow horrible circumstances to paralyze your mind and feelings. It’s hard for me to see when I’d even be stuck because I was always physically doing! I have to do this and this and oh yeah, that too. I call it go-getter syndrome. It’s okay to sit DOWN, girl.


You are not “all good” until you get God in on every single thing that inhabits your space. I’ve always known this. And thing is, I thought I gave those situations to God. He recently showed me, “Umm, Tarah. You still have a little bit left to hand over.” Sometimes, He has to break you even deeper just to make you that more reliant on Him. I think of the song “Gracefully Broken” by Tasha Cobbs. He doesn’t break you to hurt you, He does it with grace.


I know, I know. It sure doesn’t feel like grace with the shards of glass still poking in your chest and your back but God is a healer and restorer…which is why you need to turnaround.



You know that saying: new hair, new woman? Yeah, that’s totally me. My outlook isn’t the only thing that’s golden, so is my hair all thanks @MissWu.VirginHair (unit made by @itsMissWu).


Once installed, I felt like a total boss. I felt like I could conquer the world. For real. The bright balayage lightened up my eyes, the luscious body of the tendrils catered straight fullness of joy LOL.


I am absolutely in love with it’s texture; it feels like my natural hair with a good silk press lol. You guys know my locs have to be finger-running-smooth. And you GUYS, I’ve always wanted a lob! Medge was like, “Is this the new season of Being Mary Jane or what?!” Lol so yes, serving you all Gabrielle Union realness. And you can, too! If you want to recreate my look, I’m wearing 16″ Loose Wave Closure, 16″ 16″ 14″ Body Wave Bundles in Brazilian. Use my special code ADORN for $20 off.


I got you, girl.




It takes a lot for a tough woman to reach her breaking point. And it’ll take a lot to become unbroken. But it truly is refreshing to have a “new you” to look at, as a reminder that a better you is in the making. If taking on something fresh in your life gets you going, by all means, embrace it.


They say blondes have more fun, but this blonde is about her business.


Keeping this in mind: girl, move on. You can live. What you’re holding on for dear life didn’t give you life. Christ did. Take His hand, pierce your heel into the plans of the enemy and say, “I’m through.”


Cut off all access to the very things that are cutting you so deep. Renew your mind with an outlook of “God is for me and He has so much FOR me.”


For real, you guys. You’ll miss out from seeing what God has for you with your head down low. Allow these trials to bring about a new form of taking the initiative over you life.


With Christ, my comeback game so strong, it’s whiplash worthy. This is my turnaround season.




Photography by Oye Diran

September 22, 2017

  1. Michelle says:

    The colour of that dress really compliments your skin tone. You look lovely ❤

  2. moji says:

    Firstly, I lovvvve the outfit Tarah <3 and this post is so encouraging. Thank God. I love you & miss you much boo!


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