My first book, Claim Your Crown: Walking in Authority and Worth as a Daughter of the King, has officially been released!

What now?

God has done amazing things already!

  • The Claim Your Crown Devotional is on the YouVersion Bible app!
  • Interviews with huge podcast shows like The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey!
  • Going LIVE with The 700 Club and two other television interviews on CBN

Phew, He’s so good. It’s so beautiful to see not only what He is doing with this book, but what He is doing within our communities. The testimonies I’ve heard so far have seriously been my favorite part of this all. God is setting His daughters free from comparison, shame, insecurities and society’s standards!

I’ve received many questions in regards to ways we can continue to share the message of Claim Your Crown with the world. Here’s some activities we can do together:

? Review Claim Your Crown! ?

My book is available at every major book retailer nationwide! It’s up to you to choose where you’d like to order online but here’s my link for Amazon.

Love the book? Leave a review on any site!

? Join the challenge! ?

In Chapter 5 of my book, I end with this call to action–

Girl, grab your lipstick (a marker and sticky note works too—I’m just extra?)! As a declaration and reminder to yourself, write:⁣

“Society’s mirror is poison, but God calls me poetry.” ⁣

Take a mirror selfie and post with the hashtags #ClaimYourCrown and #ClaimYourCrownBook on your feed. You can be as creative as you want!⁣

This is an opportunity to share your personal journey to becoming the confident queen our King created us to be! You can even tag your friends to remind them they’re beautifully created and keep it going! When tagging me (@adornedinarmor) I’ll also repost ya!

This challenge will live on BUT if you post your content tagging me and using the hashtags before February 28, you’ll be in a drawing to receive either a mentorship or styling session with me (your choice) and a special queen package!⁣

PS: I gave away a free gift with this quote at my book launch party. Click here for yours! Frame it, post it on your mirror – do as you please. Just don’t EVER forget that you are infinitely loved and created by the King of the Universe!

? Be vocal ?

Sis, I believe your voice matters! Share the message of love, worth and confidence with the queens and princesses in your life. Request Claim Your Crown at your local library. We can also talk via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter! I can’t wait to hear from you.

? Shares ?

Sounds simple enough, right? Think Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – any or all! You’ll find quotes you can share at the bottom of my book’s landing page. Or, share the Claim Your Crown book trailer!



Save Claim Your Crown to your “Want to Read” or “Currently Reading” shelf on Goodreads!


? Join the Armory newsletter list ?

This is one of my favorite places where I send biweekly love letters encouraging and equipping women to claim their crowns and conquer everyday life. I also give away lots of free stuff. You won’t want to miss it!

? Join the Adorned in Armor Community Group ?

I was blessed to have a team help with the Adorned in Armor Community group. In Unit 1, you’ll find some “tasks” to complete. They’re really quick, simple yet effective ways to spread the message of “Claim Your Crown.” Click here to join our community of queens! You can also invite your friends!


If you’d like to join me on my journey, let’s conquer our crowns in Christ together!

February 22, 2020

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