The term “expectations” has been given a bad rep. Oftentimes, it’s given a negative connotation and refers to the act of placing ridiculous pressures on people. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m not even attributing the word to setting the bar low and still experiencing disappointment, no. It’s risky to have expectations of people but you can find security when you have high expectations with God. In fact, believing God for more should be a lifestyle for you—you were made to live in great expectancy. Life with Christ calls for high expectations.


Let’s set things clear straight away—God doesn’t owe us anything. So an entitled attitude is definitely not what will breed blessings; it’ll bring about a rude awakening! We cannot behave under the impression that we deserve anything when we are the ones that actually owe God our entire lives for rescuing our souls. We’re forever indebted to Him and there’s no way we can pay Him back for the sacrificial love of Jesus. 


What’s the difference between expectation and entitlement?

Romans 8:17  tells us that, “Since we are his children, we are his heirs.” In my book, Claim Your Crown, I talk about how an heiress is defined as a woman who inherits huge sums of money, a title, and/or property. She gets the goods when the family member ahead of her dies. There’s absolutely no way for an heir to obtain the fortune until this happens. And it did. Christ died so we can have access to the “exceedingly and abundantly” promises…right here. So yes, technically as heirs of the King, we are technically “entitled” to our inheritance. But, it’s all about approach.

“Expectation” and “entitlement” are both attitudes but entitlement has to do with a spoiled mentality, whereas expectation comes from a place of faith. Entitlement says, “I want what I want right now. Give me all that you owe me.” Expectation says, “Lord, I’m relying on You to be true to what You promised.” Oxford Languages generally defines an “expectation” as “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” The latter is what we must have!

Christ is the only reason why we are granted the audacity to utter the word “expectation” when it comes to our relationship with God! It is because of Jesus that we have the honor of being heirs and heiresses, children of the King—children of the promise. We can expect our Father to come through for us in the best way.


What does it mean to be children of the promise?

In The Passion Translation of Galatians 4:28 the apostle Paul confirms, “Dear friends, just like Isaac, we’re now the true children who inherit the kingdom promises.” A quick Bible recap: Isaac was the child God promised Abraham and Sarah in their old age. Long story short—because of Abraham’s faithfulness, God promised that he would be a father of many nations. And he is!


When we accepted Christ as our personal savior, we also became spiritual descendants of Abraham—children that inherit the blessings God promised him. We don’t inherit these blessings through birth like his son Isaac did, but we inherit these blessings by being reborn in Christ. Not by our own works but by our own faith in Jesus. The New Living Translation of Galatians 3:29 says, “And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are his heirs, and God’s promise to Abraham belongs to you.” Amen, huh?


So the promise is yours. And get this—God is so full of surprises that He has promised us so much more not only in the life to come, but even as we journey on this earth. He can blow our minds right here, right now. We’ll find many promises that are ours to claim in the word of God. And there are also some promises that are secrets between the two of you—promises He whispered to your heart. 


What are you expecting God to do in your life? 


I’ll start! I have a couple of personal dreams and words spoken over my life that I kept private for years (my family is aware, of course). They’re written out in my journals but I feel led to share some of them publicly now so you can refer back to this post when I testify later! 


  • I’m expecting my mother to be healed. 
  • I’m expecting a new home. 
  • I’m expecting the arrival of my husband. (Your girl is happily single and living life with purpose in the meantime.)
  • I’m expecting my books to break records. (I signed three book deal at age 23 with one of the largest Christian publishers. I’ve heard countless testimonies around the world and I’m believing God will allow me to reach even more.)
  • I’m expecting a crown (more on that later).


When I was reminded that my “word of the year” is “expectation” (and my verse of the year was Psalms 145:15), I went on a journey of redefining what that meant for me. And when times get tough, I make it a point to revisit my journals that hold the promises that God made me (some of them being what I recently mentioned).


Sometimes, it can be hard to believe in the idea that there is more, especially after feeling like you’ve been let down. It’s disheartening when years have passed and your promise is nowhere to be found. It can hurt when it feels like God has forgotten about you or that He changed His mind. But here’s something my bishop says, “Your feelings are a false prophet.”


God, on the other hand, doesn’t lie. He outdoes Himself simply by being who He is. And if He promised something to you, then why on earth would He not fulfill it? And when you are faithfully serving the Lord, why would He fail to honor your obedience?


Trust me, I have to remind myself of this, too! I once suffered a season where my hope was severely deferred and boy oh boy, did it make my heart sick. I’m a big dreamer and I’d like to think I’m pretty patient. But what happens when you’re attacked from every side? I had a whole year full of blows and had to recover. I noticed that I couldn’t see anymore and declared that I refused to live in darkness. Not only does losing expectation cause you to lose your vision, but you also begin to make excuses for God (try to make sense as to why it hasn’t happened yet) and/or you begin to settle. But you were not made for that! 


I am a firm believer that we were called to dream big and it’s my personal mission to get you believing that you can indeed live out a life of purpose that is pleasing to our Father and impactful to the world. We are to have abundant lives. We are to be enriched and fulfilled! Our hope is found in Christ alone, and despite how things may look in the physical, trust that in the spiritual, your promise is already here. God can and will supersede even your highest of expectations. Our Father knows best, after all.


How to Wait Expectantly:

As we’re waiting for our promises to come to pass, I decided to share a few tips that have helped me wait expectantly (full of hope). 

  1. Pursue God
  2. Walk in power.
  3. Prepare for the promise. 

Pursue God.

I’ve learned that the enemy is after your faith in God because once you have no faith in God, you have nothing (Hebrews 10:35). This is why my primary tip is to pursue a relationship with your Heavenly Father. It is your everything! 


Pursuing God is to seek intimacy with Him. It’s keeping the communication intact even if you feel hurt that His response isn’t coming through in the time that you would like. I encourage you to share your entire heart—your good days, your bad days, all of it. Psalms 37:4 teaches us that when we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts. But that doesn’t mean to get close just because you want something! Don’t get consumed with the prophecy that you miss God. And we mustn’t draw back when things don’t go our way. May we not look to our Father’s hands but be drawn to his heart. 


In your pursuit of intimacy, the Holy Spirit will reveal if your desires are aligned with the will of God. If they are not, the Spirit will help in redirection. Trust that the Lord will help you evaluate your dreams, go to Him about the words spoken over you, remind yourself of the unchangeable promises His Word. Pray for wisdom, pray for discernment, pray for a genuine heart after His.


When we keep our eyes on Him, we will indeed see that God will give us our food in due season. That His hands aren’t clenched, He’s willing to release blessing and satisfy our desires. The closer we draw to Him and the more we look to Him, the more that we will see that He is perfect in everything He does and in everything He plans. (Psalms 145:15-17 NKJV) 


Walk in power. 

In our weaknesses, Christ is made strong. So ask the Holy Spirit for help, sis! That is the only way victory will be assured. That is the only way we can walk in power. 


You can even ask the Lord to increase your level of expectancy…that’s what His own apostles did! In Luke 17:5 (AMP) they asked Jesus: “Increase our faith [our ability to confidently trust in God and in His power].”


Do you know that your measure of your expectancy is actually tied to the measure of promise you walk in?! In other words, “blessings are running after you when you have confidence!” It’s time to build your confidence in the fact that God is going to do something great in your life. Make it a holy expectation! One that stands on the greatness of God.


Prepare for the promise.

How do you expect a promise to come to pass or for a dream to come true and you don’t prepare for it?! God is doing His part but have you done yours? Revert back to the first instruction you were given and build with where you are now. Don’t get so caught up in your future that you wrongly fall into the belief that there’s nothing you need to do because you were “born ready.” Maybe you were born ready but that needs to turn into growing in readiness. Prepare for the promise in all ways.


Sis, remember the time you felt butterflies—the good kind—in your stomach? Or, the moments you’d wake up and you just smiled? Remember having an extra pep in your step and feeling invincible? Remember what it was like feeling like you hadn’t a burden in the world? It’s been a long time and you’re past due for joy. Today marks the day that you will begin to live with excitement. Now is the time to live your life with the expectation that your breakthrough can be before you any day now. Because in the spiritual—it’s here now.



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July 13, 2023

  1. Julie says:

    Tarah!!! This post was for me! Thank you!

  2. This is was so encouraging! I love what you said about walking in Holy expectation and how blessings follow confidence! May God bless you and continue to give you grace to walk in Him! 🙏🏾🥰

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