Have you ever been dared to do something…wild?


You know, those triple dog dares that as a child, you simply couldn’t resist? It was also the kind that you instantly regretted after the deed was done. Yes, that one.



In your faith walk, you’ll come to realize that sometimes, God’s commands can feel like dares. In a world where self-interest is a driving force, you can quickly find yourself in a place where you don’t want to listen. God will never force you or make you feel like you have to (hello, free will!) but when you’re dedicated to doing life with Him, you wouldn’t want to see the outcome without heeding to direction.


The difference between a “God” dare and the expectations of the world is that when you obey and continuously seek His voice, you always win.


As one who treasures comfort and yet, a lover of invigorating experiences, I am so enthralled by how God will use both the stability and spontaneity to illustrate His hands over ours lives.


God has always encouraged my go-getter attitude. He guides me in living outside the lines. We’re not called to live a boring life!


He constantly reminds me where He will place me will be unusual, that there’s no set formula to get there. However, as long as I have Him guiding me, I won’t be led astray. In the moments where you do feel lost and you can’t find your way, obedience to God will sound especially crazy in itself. However, He will assure you that He is holding you and yes, there is so much reward.



A lot of people want to make it big so they could have their “I just wanna thank God” speeches— a lot want to be used without the pruning. But it is necessary.


Obeying God when it’s safe is one thing, obeying God when it’s dangerous is a whole new level. So yes, there will be wild seasons — seasons when you’re excited because you see God working so you happily jump into the things He tells you to do. There’s also that place you simply do not want to go. Or, the place where God will keep you and tell you to stay right there.


All seasons are equally detrimental. What changes your outcome is obedience. The only way to get to God’s promises, is by living out wild faith. That’s in the everyday, mundane tasks you enjoy and even on the risky adventures He takes you.


I overheard my mom listening to her devotional this morning and it said, “As food is to the body, so obedience is to the soul and spirit.”


When you’re in the wild, you go into survival mode. Your animal instincts kick in and you’re just trying to live. But when you’re compass is Christ, there’s no need to call SOS. You are being fed the essentials because Your Guide got you!


No beast. No force. No obstacle can stand in your way to your freedom.


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October 9, 2018

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