I’m not a follower. I’m not easily swayed. I like being my own boss. I know what I want, how I want it…and yeah. I’m sure of myself…in a good, black girl magic kind of way. This past year, though?! I’ve been wrecked. Like literally, I’ve been facing situations that have rocked my world back to back. God has shown me time and time again there are simply things that I cannot control.


I can, however, take charge of how I respond to the situations I face in life and honeyyy, so can you. It’s time we redefine taking charge of our lives. Let’s make this quick and easy, shall we?


First things first, learn your priorities.

You know that saying, “the twenties should be your selfish years?” Yeah, I don’t necessarily believe in that. I’m 22 so of course, I hear it all the time but it just doesn’t stick with me.


Sure! Explore yourself. Learn what you like and what you don’t. Travel. Take care of your body. Focus on you. But you can focus on you and focus on others at the same time, too! Aren’t we the multi-tasking generation, anyway?


Yes, make yourself a priority, just not the priority. Safeguard your mind, your heart, your space. You owe it to yourself to show love to yourself. But you also owe it to the world to just be a better human.


When you help others, you aren’t just a blessing to them, you are a blessing to yourself. Doing good for both yourself and others reinforces all the positivity in your life.


Let go of expectations.

I don’t believe in promises — I rather honesty. I naturally tend to not have any expectations of people at all, just so I’m not let down. It’s my technique of protecting myself and I suppose it has benefitted me in many ways.


What I’m particularly referring to is letting go of self expectations.


LAWD, the way I’m so hard on myself is nuts. I have no other word lol! Now, I’m ensuring I make room for myself to make mistakes! Please do the same! Life is so much more rewarding when we have mercy on ourselves.

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Find a balance.

I know, I know. Life is hectic. That should give you the incentive to figure out what needs the most attention! I keep a planner that I kinda almost sleep with every night haha. It is clutch.


Schedule in your work meetings and the next time you’ll hit the gym. Write in your blog articles. Prepare your posts. But also, take a break. I’m serious, schedule that in, too! Figure out what needs less of you. Do not do not do not stretch yourself thin. It’s unhealthy.




Same way you keep your body hydrated? Yeah, water your spiritual life, too.

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Creating a balanced life makes you feel more at peace and put together. Breathe in, chill out.



Bonus: You can take charge of your own life, but do understand there are boundaries.


I’m sure we all know things won’t always go our way. That’s quite obvious and not the learning issue at hand. I’m talking about knowing and accepting there will be things you can’t fix on your own. When you sincerely comprehend that there are some situations that you can only pray over, just do that. It is enough. If it feels as if it isn’t…I’m with you. You have to have hope that it will be!



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March 9, 2017

  1. Jeremy says:

    Very inspired by your words. Keep shining your light on people that hide in the darkness.??

  2. Jenny Michel says:

    This was a very good read. It’s especially difficult in our twenties to organize our lives because it becomes so hectic. In some cases we have to balance school, work, relationship (it being family or friendships), all while maintaining our spiritual life with God. My hardest challenge is not succumbing to expectations like you mentioned. I feel like I’m literally having my midlife crisis at age 22 by overloading my mind with thoughts of what I should be doing or how high I should be reaching. We have to learn how to both try our all and give the rest to God knowing he will take care of us. One person’s starting point may take me 2 years or more to get there, and that’s okay. Our paths are meant to be different and traveled differently cause each person has their own unique foot prints to leave behind. Thank you for sharing Tarah!

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