There are days when you jump out out the beeeeeed, turn your swag on, take a look in the mirror and say “what’s up!” And some other days, you’ll just want to roll over.


The latter is so me as of late. I can have the most fun at an event and think “I’m good.” Then, I come home to realize, “oh snap, I’m drained.” Or, I’ll wake up and have no desire to actually get up. I love to sleep, but not that much. I always have so much to do and as a girlboss, nothing satisfies me more than checking off my To Do list. But lately, my hustling tendencies have been bombarded with feeling plain unmotivated.


Feeling unmotivated will hit you.

It happens to all of us. (That includes you little hustler, you!) Those who are passionate, those who want so much more for the world, those who have an endless mission — you will all be hit. It doesn’t just come about to those who are lazy! There are so many triggers such as fatigue, emotional distress, and spiritual dryness.


Stay ready.

You have to step back and first evaluate what you’re feeling. Okay, you’re starting to feel unmotivated. In which ways is it showing up in your life?


Then, you have to realize why. Are you feeling saddened because of a loss? Something you believed in didn’t quite work out as planned? Is something from your past holding you back? Are your relationships or work life taking a toll on you?


What’s so tricky about feeling unmotivated is that the feeling has already caught you where it wants to keep you. Your issue is not being disciplined. Obviously, you’ve been doing all that you had to do and still ended up here. It’s harder to get out of that hole because you already know what you’re doing. But do you know what you need to be doing?

Your needs need attention.


  • Quench your thirst for life all over again with drinking water and the Living Water.
  • Figure out when you work best,
  • Cut back on social media,
  • Organize your living space and clear your mind.
Your needs need attention. Click To Tweet Quench your thirst for life all over again with drinking water and the Living Water. Click To Tweet


You can’t avoid what life throws at you, but you can establish the tools you can use to fight back. And I’m telling you (and I’m telling myself): you have to fight back!



Why? Because it’s yours. Because it’s more than just yours. Because sitting back and letting those feelings win defeats your purpose. You will be tired of fighting, but keep your “why” in full view — it’ll remind you why this is all worth it.








April 12, 2017

  1. Valentina says:

    Loved your post! I often struggle too and feel unmotivated. But I realized that fighting back takes me a lot of energy so now I just give myself permission (once in a while) to step back and take a break without guilt. The day after is usually much better!

    Btw, your outfit is ???!!!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Dre says:

    When you said “… by drinking water and the Living Water..” it put so many things in perspective for me! I keep falling in and out of a rut and I think it’s because I get a good rhythm going and forget I need sustenance ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing these words, sis.

  3. So glad I found your great post. Love your style and Feeling inspired. Thank you.


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