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I was a Christian Because I Was Afraid of the Rapture…& Hell (Fear-Based Faith is Not True Relationship)

September 2, 2020


How is God good if He’s waiting to punish me? I never felt like I had a testimony but after preparing for a new confidence series I’m launching across all platforms, I realized that I lived most of my life on the basis of this question. I had a distorted view of the goodness of God; I didn’t feel His love. I knew He was a loving Father but I didn’t experience it. It was easier to view God as an unruly King sitting on His throne just waiting on the perfect opportunity to judge me. And so when I had a nightmare about Jesus returning and leaving me behind many years ago, that certainly didn’t help! Before I began to see God for who He truly was, I had extreme fear and anxiety about the rapture and being left behind. That fear was in me since I was a kid!


Christians don’t often talk about this but I’m willing to share because I know this will free somebody! You’re not alone if you wonder why you can’t seem to love God or serve Him the “right” way. I’ll be sharing my salvation story – how I went from seeing God as the punisher to the one who wants my heart. I’ll also be sharing my rapture dream and the film series that scarred me for life (lol). We’ll discuss how fear-based faith is not a true relationship and why Christians should not use fear tactics…ever.


Begin your spiritual journey to true confidence right here! I went from someone who was afraid of the rapture to someone who serves God because of the desire of wanting to love Him more and more. I pray this encourages you, reassures you, and changes your view of God’s goodness, His love, and relentless pursuit of your heart.



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