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Everyone Won’t Always Like You & That’s Okay

March 1, 2017

I’ve never been a people pleaser so it has always been easy for me to go about my business. To…ya know, do me regardless of what people’s opinions were. I accepted the notion “everyone won’t always like you” early.


This aspect of myself has only continued to blossom. I’ve always been conscious of who I was/am in Christ and representing Him in the best ways possible. So nowadays, if an issue arises, I respond right when I was wronged. Or, if I hurt anyone, I apologize. Simple. Pride isn’t necessary. A petty remark isn’t worth compromising my character in Christ.

A petty remark isn't worth compromising my character in Christ. Click To Tweet


I’ve had “beef” with two people my entire life. Bwahaha. I’m seriously laughing because the drama was so idiotic. I barely remember what the problems were. All I know is for one situation, we got over it and¬†she’s probably one of my most vocal supporters today! Hey girl! ūüėČ As for the other, we are on good terms…just not friends. And that’s cool, ya know. I made sure to reach out to her and “hash things out.”


Proverbs 15:1 NLT

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.


What most don’t understand is that you don’t have to revert to the same relationship you once had before the problem. You don’t have to suck up or gain acceptance from others. What matters is what¬†your heart is full of.¬†Is there insecurity? Pride? Fear?¬†These things, including bitterness, bites. No need to keep it eating you up inside. When you address the issue, the next step is letting it go.


Now, of course, there will be people that have problems with you when you’ve done nothing at all.

Some will be mature about it and express themselves respectfully. Some will be vocal in a petty way. Some will just be secretive. There will also be people who believe the feelings of “beef” are mutual.¬†I have experienced¬†all versions and you more than likely have too.


I urge you. I beg you. I beseech you! Do not indulge in the drama.¬†When we have an issue, our first inclination is¬†to retaliate. We’ll want to gossip and involve others and create posts on social media. Just don’t. Disregard the drama. You¬†do not have the time to entertain it when you have your Father’s business to tend to.

Disregard the drama. There's no time to entertain when you have your Father's business to tend to. Click To Tweet


You can attempt to see where the issue lies. For instance, one thing I always take into consideration is someone’s feelings. If it’ll hurt them, I don’t do it. I feel as a Christian and just as human being, it’s the moralistic thing to do. Now as a person who majored in Communications, I go even deeper to consider my options of how a situation looks like. I’m clear about my motives. I’m vocal with my heart.


However, even when you’re as transparent as you can be, there will still be “haters.”

You are not exempt.¬†Just because you’re likable doesn’t mean you should expect everyone to.¬†You can be the most sweetest kindest person in the world and still be hated. Not everyone is going to love you and that’s okay. Just make sure you love you. Make sure you know your character. You don’t have to prove the world anything, they’ll know who you are by your fruit.¬†Stay in your lane, keep your eyes fixated on the goal and do what’s required of you.


Not everyone is going to love you and that's okay. Just make sure you love you. Click To Tweet You don't have to prove the world anything, they'll know who you are by your fruit. Click To Tweet Stay in your lane, keep your eyes fixated on the goal and do what's required of you. Click To Tweet


Know this: everyone won’t always like you and that’s okay.

You cannot please everyone. If you did, you wouldn’t know who you were. Everybody wants different things and so adjusting your personality to fit their wants and needs will continuously pull you in multiple directions. We don’t live to please man.


Don’t beat yourself because this person thinks this of you or because this person is saying that about you. Don’t beat yourself up for being unable to make things better. Living to change people’s opinions of you isn’t life.

Living to change people's opinions of you isn't life. Click To Tweet


There will be people who won’t “get” you. There will even be those who purposely choose not to. Your understanding of yourself is enough. It’s enough to stand up for. It’s enough to walk away for.


It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand you. All that matters is you and God being on the same page.





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