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The Transformative Power of the Daniel Fast

December 5, 2020


I told my mom I was doing the Daniel fast and she was like, “Daniel who?!” I can’t go a day without meat so we laughed so hard at her little joke!


I didn’t last 21 days but I committed to 10 and I know the Lord was pleased with my sacrificial obedience. There were so many signs God wanted me to draw near to Him in this particular way and I could no longer wait to do it. God blew my mind by showing me what was wrong with my thoughts & how to renew my mind. This is my first Daniel Fast experience and though I struggled, I’m shocked at how loud and clear God spoke life to me so quickly.


In this video, you will learn what the Daniel Fast is, how to have realistic expectations for the fast, and how being alone in your thoughts isn’t always healthy. I’m sharing the biggest revelation God gave to me and the nightmare that followed suit, how to combat lies like “that’s just the way I am” and “it’ll always be this way.” We’ll speak about the difference between negative thoughts, pessimism, and wrong-thinking. You will learn that your mind is a battlefield but God is willing to train us so that our identity is in Him.


Without further ado, here’s my Daniel Fast testimony!  God can work TRANSFORMATIVE miracles in you if you’re willing to give Him access!



You may have a longing in your heart to draw near to God. Possibly you feel distant from Him. I can promise you He longs to have you near Him. He longs to be with you. And He honors your desire to connect with Him.


Have you ever done the Daniel Fast before? Are you willing to try it?


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