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July 5, 2016


It’s me, Medgina! I’m officially the Byrdie intern under Clique Media Group, a tech and editorial influenced lifestyle establishment.


CMG is the company behind the fashion brand Who What Wear (style and entertainment), (home dècor and living) and which is KEY to discovering every beauty secret you want to know. Specifically, I am the editorial intern for both the Senior and Associate Editor.


byrdie intern-medge

With all three branches, you’re able to find out the newest trends from an honest and fresh perspective. Sounds like a dream right?


I went through my first day as a Byrdie intern and it was impactful for three key reasons:


1. I was in New York. Me. Which initially doesn’t sound like a big ol hoopla but if you guys knew how green I am to the scene??? My first day was also the first day I was in New York alone. Even though I’m close to the city, my only call to go is if I’m going with friends. Seeing that I can only bombard Tarah with a hundred messages without going overboard 🙂 …I clutch my phone for dear l i f e. Google maps and I officially are going steady and the relationship is moving at a fast pace. You see, I don’t look at streets when I walk around — I match what buildings/stores are being shown on the map. Do you see why I need to rely on the GPS so much? I am a visual learner to the complete ‘t’.

2. In my last post, I spoke about growing to be an active waiter in this whole process. While I was waiting, I kept tabs on Byrdie and went to work on the regular. I took all the shifts at Urban Outfitters as much as possible, whether it was 6 am in the morning or late at night. This taught me discipline and to have a sharper focus/care on what I do. My first assignment at Byrdie was placed on my lap once I headed in. It wasn’t what I expected but I’ve really learned to watch out for what can be thrown at me. For hours I sat at my desk (which is super legit — a desk for me!) and I didn’t notice that lunch had passed hours ago. My work ethic excited me because things can only get better the more I push myself.

3. As I was packing up to leave, it hit me that I was making a mark into the writer I want to be. The day went by without a hitch! And trust me, the way my life is set up—it’s kinda guaranteed that I have a crazy story. It’s a bit nerve wrecking being at a new place, not knowing anyone around you but I whispered a couple prayers throughout the day to remind myself to breathe. One of my fav reminders is my bracelet that reads “Be Still.” It’s just a simple note to calm down, appreciate the moment and don’t allow myself to get overwhelmed.


byrdie intern-be still



Pretty soon, I’m going to have published work! I’m so excited to start these passion projects alongside such talented and creative people. The fangirling will probably never go away and the butterflies will probably always hang out for a bit in the pit of my stomach but that’s okay with me. I’m learning to spread my wings (get it? Bydrie) and enjoy the ride. Follow me along on Instagram and Twitter! Ah! I’m a Byrdie intern!


Much love,


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Medgina Saint-Elien


  1. Tiffani

    July 5, 2016 at 11:28 pm Reply

    How exciting! I got excited just reading about your first day! I can relate to The NYC confusion. I remember my first time there, it was cray! But now I’m a self professed pro, I’on need no map… well most of the time! I hope you have an AMAZING time, learning and absorbing all the experience you can this summer!

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