Our featured warrior woman is Danielle Tashae, Founder of LoveBillboard. Danielle has made her mark on the City of Atlanta as a former Police Officer until God interrupted her plans! She was always passionate about helping people through policing but now she gets to inspire people to overcome the challenges of life through ministry. Today, Danielle boldly shares her faith all over the world via social media, speaking engagements and YouTube.


In this episode, you’ll learn about what it truly means to influence for Christ. You will hear of real examples of how to set yourself apart from the world, how to love and speak to people where they are and the importance of how we carry ourselves as representatives of Christ. Instead of social media making a name for you, allow Danielle to show you how God names you all on His own.  


Check out my YouTube channel, Adorned in Armor, if you’d like to watch Danielle and I have this conversation face to face! 


Time Stamps:

05:11 fun facts

06:26 how’d you get into that and how’d you get out 

10:33 When did you get saved?

12:00 How did God snatch you up? When did you begin to take your faith seriously? 

17:51 What was the journey to cutting out your past life like?

21:02 The importance of protecting your witness 

25:25 What are you struggling with now? 

28:44 What’s your favorite verse to get you through it?

30:30 Making disciples on social media and going viral.


August 5, 2021

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