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Guard Your Heart, Protect Your Peace

February 7, 2017

Hey people, Medge here! I hope you all have been achieving all your girl boss goals. While you’re getting work done, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Get your hair done, go to your favorite restaurants — feel the love! That journey starts with you.


My favoriting way to clear my mind is to watch movies, especially romantic films. I get all into the theatrics and drama of every break up and make up. In reality though, I understand that I don’t have to begin relationships with everyone knowing my business or end them with guns a-blazing.

Sometimes, you have to give people new roles and gently recast as you see fit. This is your life — let them be great in their own space and time. Meaning, you’re going to have to teach people how they should treat you, instead of expecting that they will adjust.

You're going to have to teach people how they should treat you. Don't always assume they'll adjust. Click To Tweet


I used to get crazy affected by my surroundings. If my space was negative, I had to work hard so it doesn’t get to me or that I don’t slip into the drama myself. The truth is, life isn’t easy and remaining in our quaint comfort zones doesn’t open the window for change. The more confident you grow in the love you have for yourself, the more you realize that you’re strong enough to walk in a room where the tension is thick.


Love yourself enough to put your peace first. Love yourself enough to treat yourself. You don’t deserve to feel less than. You don’t have to measure up to the expectations others place on you. Love yourself enough to have standards.


Yes. I said standards. I didn’t say act/think you’re better than people but know what is worth your time. I have to get sidetracked for a second to keep it real with you guys and it’s heavily laced with sarcasm, too. Just because someone blinks at you doesn’t mean you should get settle down and marry. Just because someone compliments you doesn’t mean you all are besties now and they get immediate access to your business. Know your worth. They may not be for you, but someone else, sure.


Instead of being impatient, chill out and get to know yourself. What do you like? What don’t you like? Don’t accept the love you think you deserve, you have to know you are deserving of everything the world has to offer.


I found that through loving myself, it is extremely important to have a support system. We weren’t made to isolate ourselves, we crave love for a reason. And sometimes that means taking risks. You don’t have to be stuck in situationships. Love yourself enough to let go. You have to learn to forgive and to be able to wholeheartedly grasp you can love people from a very healthy distance.

You don't have to be stuck in situationships. Love yourself enough to let go. Click To Tweet You can love people from a very healthy distance. Click To Tweet


Invest time into finding genuine friendships that do not falter.

When you find they don’t bolt when things aren’t all giggles and good times, it’s real. The willpower to stay has to be mutual. You can’t follow someone who is running away with no respect for the past enough to stay. If they saw the value in the relationship enough, they would be loyal. This time see the value in YOURself and help them walk on out. Greater things are coming. You can’t move on if you’re chained to those who bring you down.

You can't move on if you're chained to those who bring you down. Click To Tweet


Sometimes, you’re going to have to be the bittersweet lesson for those who do not know how to treat their blessings. It’s all a part of the bigger picture and that’s a lesson both parties will learn.

Sometimes, you are going to have to be the bittersweet lesson for those who do not know how to treat their blessings. Click To Tweet


Peace out

Trust that the slots opening up in your life are for a reason; God is clearing up your space. When you decide to put yourself first, don’t feel guilty that you’re changing. You’re becoming the person you were called to be and that fact won’t please everyone.

Trust that the slots emptying in your life are for a reason. God is clearing up your space. Click To Tweet


Gaining discernment to flesh out the wishy-washy relationships takes time. Keep in mind of how difficult this process is — we can’t have the mindset that everyone deserves to know every corner of our hearts. Love, but also guard you heart.


It’s dangerous believing that people with drastically different opinions on life should stay in the same positions in yours. Your peace and value for what you believe in should come first.


There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and He won’t let you feel alone. Love yourself enough to trust that His will is greater than the one you designed.


Much love,



Medgina Saint-Elien

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