In February of this year, I had an overwhelming urge to switch out my username from the long-standing “adornedinarmor” to…well, my name. Of course, I didn’t because I am a planner and I don’t believe in working in haste. However, I knew that was the moment change had come.⁣

Exasperated, I told my best friend “I am not ‘adornedinarmor.’ That is not my name. I am Tarah-Lynn!”⁣

I couldn’t deny the push that I felt; it was urgent almost. Like I was shedding skin. ⁣

I laughed then because I sounded like a big ol’ baby declaring those statements out loud. However, God used that moment to show me how my emotions can actually be a tool to catapult me into what’s next. ⁣

Since 2013, you’ve seen my brand, Adorned in Armor, at the forefront. But now it’s time for you to see me. ⁣

I am walking in my womanhood. I am emboldened by love. I am sharing vulnerability with confidence. ⁣

I am Tarah-Lynn.⁣

“Adorned in Armor” is only an extension of me.

Here’s to exploring everything else!⁣ I am excited to dig deeper and reveal all the special aspects of who I really am with the world. ⁣

To best depict this new beginning, I celebrated with a much-needed photoshoot. My sister, Medgina, was absolutely adamant that my rebrand shoot included a look where I wore a tank and jeans and I was like “uhhhh, absolutely not.” I couldn’t fathom it. 

Like, how was this photoshoot going to be a “this is me” moment when jeans and a tank don’t represent me?! ‘Twas my argument but as Medge explained her vision and reasoning, she slowly but surely won me over. ⁣

“I want them to see you,” she said. “The beauty of who you are.”

Now, how could I fight that?! You’ve seen the glamour, the beauty and fashion shoots, the gowns and glitz. But here you can look past the clothes and see me. ⁣

I was blown away when I received the photos and honored the woman I saw before me. What do I see when I look at these photos?

I see a bold and expectant woman. She’s certain and has much to anticipate, so she smiles.

The most beautiful part about this rebrand is that it is only a symbol of what God is currently doing in me and what was already done. It’s an inner work glory – a spiritual rebrand, I call it. 

If you desire to discover yourself, you must first lose yourself – I’ve been living this.

God has been showing me the good, bad and the ugly and we’ve been embracing and overcoming it all together.  In losing myself in God, I can not only celebrate His original intent in me, I can also explore all of the new that comes with it.

This journey is difficult but I am so proud of who I am and how far I’ve come. 

Ever felt like there was something you absolutely NEEDED to do before entering into your new chapter?

For me, I had a strong urge to shower right BEFORE I shared the news of rebranding on my socials. I know, weird, but symbolic. It was a washing away of my old self so that I may step into the new.⁣

New wineskins.⁣

I’m also in the process of throwing away old things. I’m making room. ⁣

New wine.⁣

I felt kinda anxious on the day of my launch so I turned on my “quiet time” playlist and guess what song came on? “New Wine” by Hillsong. I’ve always found the lyrics beautiful but it hit me differently this time around. ⁣The lyrics became my prayer. ⁣

“Make me Your vessel⁣

Make me an offering⁣

Make me whatever You want me to be⁣

I came here with nothing⁣

But all You have given me⁣

Jesus, bring new wine out of me”⁣

To be honest, this is the first time in my life where I don’t know what exactly is next. I have an idea but I don’t know what to expect in this place; I just know this is where I’m supposed to be. ⁣And because I am choosing to remain aligned with God’s will, there will be new power, new freedom and His kingdom come even here. ⁣

May the laying down of my old flames inspire you to carry His new fire today. 

I’m so excited to celebrate this milestone with you. This marks a new beginning; there is immeasurably more to come. Please stay tuned for what to expect here, @iamtarahlynn and my new page @adornedinarmor! ⁣


August 23, 2021

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