I won “Most Likely to be on the Cover of Vogue” in high school. I haven’t yet graced the pages but I’ve never stopped dressing up as if I was!


I’ve mentioned before that I used to be super shy in school so it was always important to have my style do the talking for me. I began to really come out of my shell my senior year and by the time college and graduate school came around, my attitude was like, “hello world!”


Oh, and online classes were a blessing in graduate school for so many reasons but I would still sign in with a beat face and epic pajamas!


I’m a full believer in dressing up to conquer your day and so I’m here to drop some tips on how to dress to impress wherever you are. So yes, if you’re not in school, these tips can still apply to you! Life is full of lessons so we never really stop learning, do we?


Join me on a fun trip down memory lane with H&M’s 90s collection. You’ll find something to take your closet to the next level with their fashionable pieces and budget-friendly prices.


Here’s your budget-friendly dress to impress guide – whether you’re on campus or dressing up for the school of life:


  1. Play with soft colors.

  • The color yellow does a few things:
  • It shows the world you’re warm and welcoming.
  • It serves as a light toast to the end of the summer.
  • And, it’s the emblem of happiness!


Seriously, I felt like I was walking on sunshine in this look (see above). I’m pretty open to wearing any color but these pieces really brings out the bubbly in me. Find out what color makes you the happiest and adopt it into your wardrobe! (Scroll down to find the links to my outfits.)


2. Combine a t-shirt with an outfit you’d normally consider dressy.

I was always the girl that dressed up for class. Heels and everything! If you’re extra like me, add a t-shirt to transform your look to “casual.” 🙂


Bonus: wear a t-shirt with reference to your childhood! That’s sure to be a conversation starter.


I paired a “Friends” T-shirt under this slip dress. Though I never was able to get into the show, (I was more of a “Girlfriends” kinda girl) I’ve been seeing so many references these days so tell me, should I give it a try?



3. Wear white.

Okay, white will definitely make you stand out but don’t take this piece of advice if you’re most likely to end up with chocolate stains on your dress!


Bonus: a light wash denim jacket is perfect, down-to-earth touch to white pieces!



4. Glimmer and shine

Items that sparkle make me feel as if I can do anything! Rose gold is my favorite color and this shiny jacket is the closest thing to it in my closet. Once I put it on, I felt like I was in my element.


Let your personality shine through developing your own personal style. But be sure you dress the way you feel most comfortable. You can’t be yourself if you’re dressing like somebody else!


Find what makes you, you and then own it, sis!


Outfit Details:

Look 1:

Yellow Ribbed Bodysuit | A-line Skirt | Yellow Sandals 

Look 2:

Slip-style Dress | Friends t-shirt (similar)

Look 3: 

White Twill Dress (Similar) | Denim Jacket | Satin Sandals

Look 4: 

Pleated Jersey Skirt | Knot Detail Top | Platform Sandals


This post is sponsored by H&M and the InfluenceHer Collective. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Adorned in Armor possible!

Photos by Laurel Creative Photography

August 10, 2019

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