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Armor up with me, Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien, as I whisk you away into the REAL and relatable struggles of faith-based warrior women. This is a Christian podcast that will equip you with the weapons to fight your battles and dream big. Here’s to embracing how to walk in your authority, worth, and confidence as a daughter of the King and a warrior in His army. Sis, you were made to win!

Here on the show, we talk about the struggles we’re currently dealing with. Oftentimes, we focus on success stories and the breakthrough at the end of the pain. But I share the stories of those who have the testimony in the making. I share the weapons and armor we as women could use to fight back in the middle of the battle.

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About Dressed for Battle Podcast


I’m a confidently vulnerable woman dedicated to encouraging and equipping you to armor up for the battlefield of life. I don’t record these episodes from a fancy studio (yet) – my bedroom is where these nuggets of blessings come together. 

I began sharing my heart on the internet via faith and fashion in 2013 and this love has transformed from blog posts to books, courses, and this podcast. 

It’s kind of crazy how this all came about. Like my blog, my podcast started out as a school assignment! While Adorned in Armor was created in undergrad, Dressed for Battle Podcast was created during a graduate program at Syracuse. As you can see, I got a thing for school! Learn more of the story here.

Any questions, comments, reviews, or ideas? Please email dressedforbattlepodcast@gmail.com.

Hi, I’m Tarah-Lynn!

About the Host

show notes


- Malissa 

"Ladies, we need this! These conversations are transparent, honest and just the encouragement Christian women like myself need to make it through life’s many pitfalls and obstacles. To hear the stories of strong women who like many of us have our own secret battles to fight. Because of this podcast, the secret is out and we are now informed and equipped on how to properly fight this war we are sure to win!"

- Jireh D.

"Dressed for Battle INDEED! Tarah has always put her whole heart into every project God sets before her and this podcast is just one of the MANY things that showcase the passion, work ethic, and heart she has for God’s people. Keep it up, girlfriend!"

- Shana

"This podcast is a pure reflection of God’s heart! I absolutely LOVE it!!"

- Hanha H.

"This podcast is such an amazing resource for people looking for encouragement and inspiration! I love how Tarah-Lynn has guests who are not afraid to be open and honest about what they’re going through! There is so much wisdom to be found here and each episode blesses you! I’m so glad this is available for people."

- Daphne

"I love that this caters to women and adds in the faith factor. While going through a lot of these moments, this podcast relates to women and makes the listener feel inclusive and “not alone” in times of struggle. I’m so looking forward to the next one. Thank you Tarah for giving us something to hear!! 👏🏾👏🏾"

- RL

"Love Love Love! This podcast is great. I loved it so much I told my best friend about it even though she’s Muslim. And she loved it too! I love how you spoke on the struggles millennial women go through. It makes it so relatable! Can’t wait for more episodes. I’ll be listening!!!"

- Tamra A.

"Sweetness met with mighty! Bold and beautiful! Confident and uplifting! Tarah-Lynn truly exemplifies a woman of God ready to empower others to walk in the same truth and armored up for what’s to come on this side of heaven!"


"Love it! Girl! I just want to say I am listening to your podcast while doing some work and I absolutely love it! Never enjoyed a podcast till now. Thanks for the rawness. I keep listening and saying yes yes yes! I connect with it so much! ❤️"

- MarFrancois 

"Biblically Sound Podcast - This podcast is really great! I enjoy the authenticity and boldness for Christ. It feels like girl talk and I love it."

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