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Your Budget-Friendly Dress to Impress Guide

I won “Most Likely to be on the Cover of Vogue” in high school. I haven’t yet graced the pages but I’ve never stopped dressing up as if I was!


I’ve mentioned before that I used to be super shy in school so it was always important to have my style do the talking for me. I began to really come out of my shell my senior year and by the time college and graduate school came around, my attitude was like, “hello world!”


Oh, and online classes were a blessing in graduate school for so many reasons but I would still sign in with a beat face and epic pajamas!


I’m a full believer in dressing up to conquer your day and so I’m here to drop some tips on how to dress to impress wherever you are. So yes, if you’re not in school, these tips can still apply to you! Life is full of lessons so we never really stop learning, do we?


Join me on a fun trip down memory lane with H&M’s 90s collection. You’ll find something to take your closet to the next level with their fashionable pieces and budget-friendly prices.

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Look at the Brighter Side of Things


I’m a realist with a dash of optimist. Sometimes, it switches. I become super optimistic with a sprinkle of realistic. Either way, I think it’s a pretty good combination. Like anyone though, it’s easy to get pulled down into pessimism when facing unbelievable obstacles in life.


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Bloggers in New York City

Remember a couple of weeks back when I was flooding Snapchat and Instastories with my adventures in NYC? I teamed up with my Style Collective Sisters for a “Bloggers in New York City Takeover” Weekend. I’m talking blow outs, kickboxing, brunch on brunch on brunch and more! Everything, and when I say, everything was complimentary!

Here’s how it all went down.

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             MEET TARAH-LYNN

Welcome! I’m the creator of Adorned in Armor & Dressed for Battle Podcast! As a business owner, fashion writer for Teen Vogue & The Haitian Times, former pageant queen and author (#ClaimYourCrown), I equip women with the weapons to live victorious lives, encourage them to glorify God with their gifts and to embrace their crowns in Christ. Armor up with me @adornedinarmor!

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