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Struggling In Silence: Mental Illness & The Church || Dressed for Battle Podcast Ep.2

Mental Illness and The Church:

I met up with Nana Yaa Ansah, the faith and wellness influencer behind @themidimaven. This episode gets real, real quick as we discuss a topic that isnt talked about until it’s too late. One that is almost taboo to not only society, but even the Christian community: mental health. Nana opens up about the psychotic breakdown that changed everything — we have the conversation about being mindful of calling people crazy and the debate on whether or not mental illness is a health thing, a spiritual thing or both. The topic of mental illness and the church should be loud and clear in order to better assist those we love! In our hopes to dispel misconceptions, you’ll leave here prayerful and with some practical tips for check ins with Christ every moment of your life. Armor up, ladies! Let’s get into talking mental health and how to defeat the mind games of the enemy. #dressedforbattlepodcast


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Singleness as a Christian Woman, A Silent God & Savoring His Love in Loss || Dressed for Battle Podcast Ep.1

Hey, everyone! Have  you listened to episode 1 on my new podcast show, Dressed for Battle?


I sit down with warrior woman Sade Solomon (@sadesolomon) to share her current struggles. You’ll hear about how she went from embracing her singleness as a Christian woman…to being fed up. You’ll relate to how she’s awaiting answers from God. And after recently losing her father, you’ll be encouraged to hear how God demonstrates His love as the good, good Father He is. Throughout listening to her testimony-in-the-making, I pray you too adopt the things that help her keep going.


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The Reward for Your Obedience to God – What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

This time last year, I enthusiastically said “yes” to attending my church mission trip. Moments after agreeing to the last-minute opportunity, a Pinterest photo popped unto my iPhone screen. It reminded me that sometimes God calls us to a place far away, away from what we know in order to truly reconnect Him.


At a time where I was dealing with emotional heaviness, the trip gave me purpose. I knew God wanted me there. I came home rejuvenated and excited to continue to share God’s love and resuscitating hope.


When the time came to write my name down on the list for this year’s trip, I said “yes” again… I didn’t know that assured answer would soon waver.

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The Christian Podcast for Millennial Women Like You | Dressed for Battle Podcast

Hey, everyone! I’ve missed you! Now that my pageant season is over and school is winding down, I’ll be able to commit way more time to here. I came back as soon as I could to share some super exciting news…

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How to Spend a Day in LA (California Vlog with Teen Vogue)


You guys! If you’re following me on insta, you’d know I was flown to LA on a last minute trip to interview Zac Posen for his Delta uniform launch.

If you missed the fun times in my stories, no worries. Join me for a day in LA on my YouTube Channel! We’re hitting Teen Vogue interviews with fashion genius Zac Posen, my stay at The London Hotel, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, Venice and Beverly Hills with my amazing blogger babes! Yes, all in 24 hours.

Check out my video for how to spend a day in LA!

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Behind The Scenes with Miss Black New Jersey [Pageant Promo Video]


Hi, everyone! We’re about two months away from the national pageant in Washington, DC. It’s been so fun taking you all long on the journey of #TARAHTAKESHEART. I’m especially grateful for your support! I am still accepting donations as I take over Jersey with Stroke Awareness and inspiring young women!

Now, you can join in on the mission too by donating $5. If you can’t give, I’d appreciate you sharing and following along @adornedinarmor. Thank you!

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Be Proud of Where You Are

You may always see me on the move but for a little while, I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. The feeling comes back here and there.

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listen to your heart check miss black new jersey pageant - adorned in armor

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Your Heart

Heart check.


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Why You Should Trust God for Yourself

Believe,” my word of the year, was revealed to me at the end of our first quarter! You won’t even believe how it happened, girl.

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Spread Love Wherever You Are

It makes my heart smile receiving “I love you” texts. The “I love you’s,” the “I’m thinking of you’s,” the “I’m praying for you” texts. And just as much as I appreciate getting them, I enjoy sending them. At random, of course. It’s sometimes much more meaningful when you catch them by surprise.


It started when I was in high school. I’d have an urge so heavy to reach out and let whoever that was on my heart know that they mattered, they’re appreciated and they’re loved. I used to be real stingy with it, at first. For me, I didn’t see the point in sharing the message until God slapped me in the face like, but why not? What does showing love take out of you?


Nothing. It takes nothing.

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