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My beautiful people, now you see why I’ve been MIA!


BOOK 1: is complete! ✨


Wow. This process was so real! After fasting, praying, learning new disciplines and so much more I can’t even begin to explain, I AM FINISHED! Ahh ♥️ Check out my new video to catch my final moments submitting my manuscript, hear a little about my writing process and of course, inspiration! One down, two to go. For now, at least 😜


Talk to you all soon!


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How To: Align Yourself with God’s Plan | The Keys To Walking in God’s Will

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8 Important Life Lessons (& My Favorite Looks of 2018)

This past year was the year God kept dropping the number 8 in my spirit. After realizing the number biblically symbolized new beginnings, I found more hope and clutched unto it. Then, came the new. I graduated with my Masters at Syracuse, officially became a business owner, reigned as Miss Black NJ, and the biggest blessing ever — landed a three book deal.


All, so much newness. But the most important form was the renewing of my heart, mind, spirit. I was able to see God’s intentionality through that number and through this verse, which was actually my theme for the year long before:


Isaiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not see it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”


God had a message for me all year long and today, I’m going to share the life lessons I learned in 2018. 8 of them, of course — it’s only right.

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How I Landed a Three Book Deal as a First Time Author!


The BIGGEST surprise I received from God in 2017: signing a three book deal with Baker Publishing Group, one of the most prominent Christian publications out there! Not one, not two but THREE BOOKS! I will soon be able to call myself an author, like whaaaat 😭🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


I won’t say much. The video says enough for itself! But here’s a quick message:


God has purposed EVERYONE — this includes you! He has MIGHTY plans for your life but are you willing to be a vessel?


Watch “How I Landed a Three Book Deal as a First Time Author” for my testimony and some much needed encouragement as you go into this new year ♥️


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Gratitude Changes Things || Tips and Verses for a Grateful Heart

Are you going in circles? Around and around, you go — attempting to make progress but continuously finding yourself in the same predicament time and time again? Maybe, you’re not even making any moves at all — your life is at a standstill. You’re trying to open doors yourself and when you finally realize you can’t do it alone, you ask God… but He makes you wait.


On a job. On a family. On love. On growth.  


I noticed around this time of year, I’m a tad bit more irritable. I absolutely love the holidays because of Jesus (duh!) and family. I love the songs and events and movies. However, it is especially around this time where the weight of darker days and biting cold can further remind you of the things you lack.  


But it doesn’t have to.


Now can be the end of your discontent. Now can be the end of your frustration.


This post exists to encourage you to develop and maintain a heart of gratitude regardless of what you’re going through…regardless on what you’re waiting on.  

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How To Experience True Freedom


I celebrated my 24th birthday last week and man, I feel so free! I’m so liberated by what God has graced me with and what He saw fit to take away. I have only grown stronger in knowing who I am and who I am called to be: a bold daughter of the King whose life reflects His light.

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Wild Faith

Have you ever been dared to do something…wild?

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Keep Pushing: A Lesson on Productivity


It’s Friday and my To Do list is still full.

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The CRAZY Way God Told Me To Go To Grad School || Syracuse Testimony

Your girl has her Master’s in Journalism Innovation from Syracuse University! A lot of you wondered how and when! I’m here to show you MY WHY. Honestly, you won’t even believe it, so I have to show you! This whole video is a testimony but if you’re impatient, speed up to 13:00 for the crazy way God showed me Syracuse was for me.









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Jesus, Why Don’t You Just Meet Me In The Middle? (The Search for God) || Dressed for Battle Podcast Ep. 4


Has God trapped you in the middle? You know, the place that gives you vision for where you want to be but it’s just not time yet? Or maybe you have no idea but you just know you’re in the middle. How do you deal?


You’ll hear how Jireh of fashion meets God is struggling with letting go of the details. She has moved from Michigan to California to the Philippines and now faces the struggle of learning a new industry and making a different country home. You’ll go from feeling like God’s not listening to know with assurance that He hears and He cares. You’ll be convicted about making time for what God has called you to, regardless of your season. Whether you’re just starting out, you’re in the middle or you’re racing towards the finish line, you will learn to search for God wherever you are. #dressedforbattlepodcast


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