SHOE LOVER Lessons | Part 1


I work at Designer Shoe Warehouse aka DSW aka ShoeLover heaven aka the best place to work aka…just kidding, I’m sure you get the point – I was just being annoying ;)

I must say, I looooove it there. It’s my second retail job (I used to work at Windsor Fashions) and it’s giving retail a good name. I like the atmosphere (although I wish we could redesign) , my bosses, and my coworkers. They’re honestly super nice and super helpful and obviously super knowledgeable about shoes. We sell designers from Birkenstock to BCBG Paris, Jessica Simpson to Sergio Rossi and I’m sure you catch my drift. Good stuff, good stuff.

The perks: employee discount (I won’t disclose that information because I’m not quite sure if I can do that), helping customers find the right pick for special occasions (it’s honestly rewarding seeing them leave satisfied and happy) and of course, coming in to see new shoes weekly *faints*.

Okay, I’m going to stop using parenthesis because I’ve been using them way too much for this one post so far. Stop it, Tarah, stop it.

Back to business.

Whenever I come across a customer, they teach me something so I’m here to share with you my Shoe Lover Lessons. Heeeeeeere’s part 1:

I came across this woman in her late 40’s last Thursday night (we’ll call her Amy). Amy was flustered. I had already greeted her once she entered the store but I had to approach her again once I saw that she was still in the store for 1 hour, then 2…then 3…next thing you know, we were closing!

I took it upon myself to help her find the perfect shoes. Yes, for hours. But it was fun. I honestly like that one on one with the customers.

Okay so Operation-Let’s-Find-Amy-Some-Shoes is in motion.

What’s the occasion? Second date. Where? A country club. How does the outfit look? A dark navy blue with slim white stripes. What’s the issue? Amy had been sending basic looking heels to her daughters out at FIDM and AI in a group chat. Let’s just say they were disapproving of her picks. On top of that, Amy feels that she’s too tall to be wearing  high heels. She’s not too sure whether or not her date likes tall females and is hesitant about taking risks.

Amy and I passed on rows and rows of heels repeatedly. I yielded to her needs. I showed her low heeled shoes and sandals that would go with her look. I began with white since she was leaning towards black. I told her, “Black is expected” and she immediately gave that up.

But I couldn’t take it anymore. The higher the heels the better right?! I slowly started to suggest shoes with a higher heel. Each one after just got higher and higher. We stopped when she noticed how tall she looked in our full length mirror.

“I’m 5’8; I can’t wear these. I look like a giraffe”, Amy expressed.

“A hot giraffe”, I retorted.

We laughed boisterously.

“But no, seriously, giraffes have long necks. You don’t. You’re not a giraffe.”

“I’m not a giraffe”, Amy repeated.

“Nope, you are not. If I were your height, I would so do runway.”

“Oh, you still can. You have the cutest face. Just beautiful.”

I felt like she wanted to squeeze my cheeks and bop my nose. “Thank you! But I’m only 5’5. I can’t. But what you can do is buy these shoes. They would look perfect.”

The shoes were coral. I’m not quite sure who the designer was but I do remember the color. It was a medium height peep toed shoe that showed off her new pedicure. I watched her as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. “You see, I initially thought of a red pair so that your whole look would appear nautical but the coral gives it a twist…and it goes well with your tan too.”

I could see it in her eyes. She loved them. “I don’t know how he’ll feel. I want a third date…”, she let out. I’ll be honest. I used to say if I was tall, I would be wearing flats all day, every day! But honestly, does shoes were like…made for her.

I had to let her have it. If a man can’t anyone can’t love you for your taste, then they aren’t worth the hours you spend at DSW.

No, but seriously. This goes for everyone. Learn to embrace the most striking parts of your body. The little things won’t seem so flawed. Oh, and one more thing: don’t let the fear of towering over people keep you from going after what you like. Pun attended.

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18 thoughts on “SHOE LOVER Lessons | Part 1

  1. carascliche says:

    Love this, I coudn’t agree more. I used to only wear flats because of my height and in my early twenties was like forget that who cares if I’m tall!

    xx Cara

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