HOW TO: Vote Me Cosmopolitan’s “Best International Fashion Blog w/ IFB”!!!

First of all, I LOVE the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. I stay up reading their articles late into the night, I submit a post every week…I just love that site!  So, it still doesn’t feel quite real being shortlisted as the “Best International Fashion Blog w/ IFB”. With nothing to lose, I did it and now here I am!


I honestly forgot that July 7th would be the day that Cosmopolitan UK planned to announce the shortlisters. I woke up around 8 am (mind you, I am NOT a morning person) for some reason and saw I had Twitter notifications. Someone added me to their Twitter list titled “Cosmo Blog Awards 2014!”. I was like “OH SNAP, WAIT” and immediately went on Cosmopolitan’s site to check who made it. Guess what?! I DID.

I jumped out of my bed, squealing. I ran around the whole house telling everyone the news. Then, I texted all my closest friends and even til now, it hasn’t completely sunk in. Honestly, I’m just excited for my blog to be linked to Cosmopolitan’s site. A couple of people even reached out to me by email for collaborations! And I’m like thank the good Lawddddd!

But enough about the back story and let’s move on to the future! 50% of the votes are cast by readers and the other 50% is made up from our awesome panel of Cosmo Editors. You can vote vote vote until August 29th.

So here’s how you beautiful people can make me a finalist.

Click here. You’ll see this page and a brief post about the reveal of the shortlisters.cosmop1 Next, scroll down and you’ll see this.

cosmop2In order to vote for me, you have to vote for the other categories as well. If you have no clue who to vote for, you can scroll all they way down and check out the blogs you feel are worthy of your special vote. My fellow blogger Moth Loves has been shortlisted for the “Best New Fashion Blog”. I’m sure she would appreciate your vote :) My category and blog will be on the 5th page! “Adorned in Armor” is the 3rd listed blog. Click it and then go on to the next page until you’re finally done.

IFB is a great outlet to get your voice heard. I encourage you all to submit a post! You’ll be linked to other blogs and get to read the other great roundups. And if you’re feeling ambitious, next year, try going out for this Cosmo award! I’ll def support you and you’ll also have the love of the IFB community as well.

That’s it, Adorners! Again and again, thank you thank you thank youuuuu <3



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