Velvet Forest


This velvet turtleneck has saved me from frost bite. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little…or a lot. Haha. I pull this over whenever I’m expecting a cold day ahead of me. This time, I was preparing for a cold winter night. I wore it to attend my cousin’s birthday party. It was FREEZING out, but, my comfy turtleneck kept me warm :)

I saw Marivette’s blog post with her velvet skirt in Velvet Reverie and I promised to show her my sweater…So, here it is! Gotta love velvety goodness. (P.S:I’m still waiting on your bodysuit look!)

ImageEarrings: Material Girl

Necklace: My Style LabImageVest: it was my mom’s!ImageImagePants: Mandees

Shoes: Forever 21ImageSooooo, I’m obsessed with velvet. What are you in love with?

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